Friday, 16 March 2012

I Dream it will all become Green and peaceful

I Dream it will all become Green and peaceful

I wish my dreams will come true. I want to live some more for good so good like green. Make your country green you ll be rich don’t go for such things which were been cause of destruction of humanity in past let make a history in this region and are part of up coming history. The thing which were bad in past don’t make it part of your future planing. You have to go for good its your responsibility
This is what we think and like always some one ask me again and again watch your thoughts so my honest thoughts don’t have words. Its my bad luck cause of lake of time I didnt get time to find words for which i experienced in past so the conversion takes time. I have so many diversion of life i ll suggest you to make green instead making it polluted from gas and oil, This Oil and gas money has destroyed us on the name of teriorisam which later became as i always war gainst me. If we are honest we should against the things which were being part of distruction,
I ways use to say ” na tail hamara na machine hamari istamal bhi hum karain gharib bhi hum hon ya kia bat hoe. wo machine kion nehi jis ko fuel ap ka pas ho. So naighbour contry desreves a creadit that there agri private sector has developed a lot specially in cold storage industry so must follow them instead of following those who are dieing and taking there last breaths . It is proved that capitalisation was froad goverments loated there people on the name of Capitalization so following it. Work to make Asia for which quaid and gandhi minds matches
in shot im against this gas pipeline agreement. It will become the cause of exsistance of his enemy will give him a reason to come. Why you give someone reason to get in for his enemy he is there. Don’t rent out your country as a place for others war. Don’t start a new war. Wars gives nothings instead giving big forts Please don’t go for war please think about to make it green out of fakes all can take care of there intrust If baluchies thinks it will have good impact on there region they should say ok other wise no don’t make new kind of wars we cant aford it.
Agar ap ko bohat he shok ha go for an water pipeline which will cost you low and makes green every where. Stop the wastage of water please and energy it will just increase your import bill. why not sarson ka dia or candle in the evening to make it beautiful and why not canals intead of roads we dont want roads we want water in future save it please. Like ghalib do. Don’t sell your self against fuel. Instead of generating it save it .
 Im trying to do honesty with words but some where i dont have words to write trying to learn that how one should write it honestly. Honestly the fact is that i cant give this a deserving time as much time as it deserves. People knows very well that last time the world was destroyed by American on the name of terrior like chor machia shor. That was a part of greed oil and gas and greed destroys the nation as we have seen.
so the thing which were in past is cause of destruction of humanity in your society Should not be adopted again by us other wise next generation will not forgive us as a part of history.  Keep these kind of thing out from your society which has dark past. So make it green and beautiful where my Indian friend patli kamar will walk like cat  in green wearing a red jean
We all as a part of that generation who have took charge or to be given in future must be responsible. We together sit and think how to make it green these bullets chemical will destroy our land. these tar coal roads petroleum based roads are destroying my Pakistan. We have an example in past that what American did with it on the name of NATO supplies in last few years.
Why don’t you and I together plant a tree dedicated to that year in which we are togather or away from each other. when you plant  gives life to 10 human. If we make it a symbol of love nothing wrong even with ur parents or children. If you make symbols for religion to increase the division of people and cause of hate in people why don’t you plants tree as a symbol of love. make Plant a part of your thoughts about years and people.Some times we think batter then the last thoughts so always watch your thoughts great ladies great fathers word. So give it a name of love tree make your country green you ll not need this kind of fuel which is cause of destruction of humanity trade of Human trafficking, Arms in past.This was a trade of blood  made to destroy us leave it make it green and start greening it from 2012.
Muhammad Abbas Khan

Monday, 5 March 2012

Greed and Dishonesty makes Criminal are we responsible ?

Don't break social contract based on basic moral values of the society in which we live. watch your thoughts otherwise you ll groom a criminal. Groom your son like Bibi Fatima groomed Hussain a.s who became Imam of the nation.when the responsibilities were been transferred to the next generation one must be very responsible and honest. Imam Hussain a.s and his followers took the charge honestly by giving there life for the rights of people to live. The basic human rights definition was practically defined by Imam Hussain a.s in history very first time in this universe by giving lives including his own self and  71 people of different tribes including his family. He gave us a lesson to die for the rights of people. That was the first biggest destruction of humanity in the society by setting an example by Killing Imam Hussain a.s with his family and friends. That was also a cause of breakage of basic moral values. Imam loved to die for the rights of people to let society live with basic moral values,
This is what we inherited from history don't make it dark that time is gone when abases burned the whole history. Don't forget history is watching us and writing every second of our life.
So I have a question for my brave females of this region who always been very strong internally in a family  systems on which society is based. It is based on our own moral values adopted by our society in which we live.  The society in which we live is based on a social contracts made to civilize us and together people to live. These contracts are those which are made by the societies to live together.We  make contracts named marriage which are based of human values. If you break those stoical contracts and hide it from the society you ll be automatically convicted as a criminal in this world. You ll be been convected for destroying the moral values transferred to you form last generation and which you have to transfer honestly to the the next coming generation for which these kind of contracts are made in the society. Its responsibility of every member of the society to transfer it honestly and loyalty.
What is this contract named marriage based on ? which is adopted by us as a social contract being as part of society.  This is between two people who will be declared as 1 party after this contract must be based on loyalty and honesty. According to law after sinning this contract you become 1 party which contains two members living life together by fulfilling there responsibilities as part of that contract. This social contract been singed by both of them in the presence of society as a Vietnamese. This is a common way which is almost adopted by all religions.
So some where it means that Vietnamese of this social contract are also not honesty. Some times they menage this contract on the base of there dishonesty. They have made this social contract between the two people under there Vietnamese and give name to these two parties of the contract becoming one party will live happy life by completing demand of the other partner. Both people are named husband and wife who have to groom next generation of the origin which they belong. You know it breaks automatically if you go against its terms and condition. We don't value it why ? I think some where it happened by dislocating the people from  there origin where fakes took birth. We as a part of this society we do these kinds of crimes and you are not answerable to anyone in your society why ?
Do we like what happens when we commit dishonesty with this relation based on that contact made between two humans male and female part of this society. What happens after doing this kind of hidden crime you gives birth to a future criminal or extremist. Its a natural process that by close interaction of these two members they give birth to a new generation. Are we destroying our new generation by own hands. The aggression of any member of that contract automatically intentionally or unintentionally transfers into new member of that contract called new generation.
I request to all members of my society If you think you have braked that contract please don't continue it otherwise History will not for give us that we are producers of extremist.  If you enjoys this relationship together to generate a new generation be aware of the responsibilities which will be on your shoulders after this kind enjoyment of close interaction. So the mother makes the nation financed by father. Don't destroy your upcoming generation due to your ego in society think before you do this kind of contract. Its batter to break it here Don't think to continue it with dishonesty otherwise you ll be responsible of the destruction the next generation and what will ans to last generation ? They will not for give you even they are in graves or not
Greed and Dishonesty makes Criminal are we responsible ? self analysis is batter then mine.