Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Promote agriculture

To save yourself from resat ion in Europe and America there economy decline has been started they need food to eat we have enough land to be cultivate in Pakistan. so distribute that land according to the origin old hirarki of tribes based on population of that origin. which are basically based on an village industry. Its a good thing for us agriculture we ll grow it and send it to by maintaining cold chains. Trade within continent for food then make its cost low. In future logistic cost will count a lot in business save your money.
Resection is like a vinous save your continent by Trading with in continent for the growth of Asia my Quaids dream. Start work now its our turn to show what we do for our nation and national identity work for your nation die for for your national identity to get rid of fakes. I request to my age fallows who's responsibilities are increased now they have to take care of there tribes based on national identity.Its part of reality and history which is been written without ravi.
its part of responsibility and human nature that we all going to take over the charge from the last generation. fakes has destroyed us by internal migration. which is now started in china they are going to suffer from it future. They are trying to stop migration within borders.
Stop migrating people within borders other wise you will start killing of people of different origin and religion. here criminals are using a law of migration on the name of religion. They have hope that the person belonging to that origin or religion will help you to earn more then they had in there village. So a printed paper migrated us on the name of religion which made the natural hirarki system disturbed. Fakes took birth. They will kill you on different issues.We have an example like in Europe there governments loated them on the name of capitalization.
We strongly condemn this proxy war starting in Baluchistan of arbi and ajmi ( Iran & Iraq ) by promoting sectarianism.
Today some body asked  me why you support Asia bibi. We all belonging to any religion or origin are basically holders of human bodies where all have same reactions in body it part of human nature you cant go against it ur body and body chemistry proves it in books. There are few reaction in body which affect i would love to give an example of body chemistry as we all know. when you stop your self to react on some sensitive issue some criminals uses this science as a crime by talking against the most loving thing in universe for them has an easy access to get in.
So enemies uses it by promoting heat between you to divide and get week that they should capture you or take over you. As i say extremist every where dividing origin on the name of region . I batter suggest my Pakistanis to go back to your roots and work there for your actual national identity. Make it green and feel free to walk there in red jeans.

New book tells Asia Bibi's story from prison :: EWTN News

Why not freedom for Asia Bibi as a minorety in Quaids pakistan ? New book tells Asia Bibi's story from prison :: EWTN News

Do we have a right to Question ?

I was in search of a real data base of baluch community last day i have read an artical written by some respectable Brigadier Asif Haroon raja. Its web address is http://pakpotpourri2.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/seething-lava-of-balochistan/#comment-13499
Please read this artical. I have gained an  near to exact data base of Baluch population in this region. It was such an helpful thing for me. .
 I almost agree with this data base. There are 30 million baluch tribes dispersed in this region. Acording to him 8 million in Punjab, 6 million in sindh, 7 million in Baluchistan,  and other dispersed in sistan Iran on 64000 area and Afghanistan.
 Means the population of Baluchistan in Baluchistan is 7 million out of 30 million in this region. The baluchies in Baluchistan represent not more than one fouth of baluch population which exist in this region. They are  7 million in Baluchistan few of them have divided on the name of religion. In near future you ll se sectarianism in Baluchistan. I think it has been started by killing hazaras on the name of sect for which i left Iranian shia school of thought. when I got to know that this all is a conspiracy against Pakistan I left it easily or with so many difficulties my God and me knows batter. where they promoted sectarianism in the Provence where already problems cause of some nationalist.

I questioned few this with this respectable Barig Sb. Im pasting it below by ending that the problem lies in max 3.5 million Baluchies out of 30 million almost 10% OF TOTAL BALUCH POPULATION has problem in Baluchistan.
I have lost my last comment which i did with him last day after reading this artical so lets make it more clear what i understands is Brig sb says. The whole night i cant slept by a question DO we have a right to question as a Baluch citizen of Pakistan living here as a tax payer from the last more then 4 centuries ?.Why on the name of NATO supplies American distributed weapons why 3900 containers of arms were unloaded here illegally ?
We Eats our self grown food which we grow on our land which was concurred by our elders not rewarded and by modernizing it we are back to our roots working with our tribes in land as upcoming young Khan of our areas by heading them and takeover from last generation in there lives. We took over it as a responsibility on our shoulder of our tribes to lead them. In shot we are facing thana culture in shape of criminal cases to stop the breakage of family Traditions means Baluchki tradition. Which we still adopt transferred by our last generation by making it more stronger. Our elders ordered us to go and represent them they are in problem.I myself left and get back to my roots by ending self migration of my father. I think they need me so I had decided to give my services to my origin from which i belong instead of giving services to a fake cause based on division of people. I decided to serve for your people and i shifted my project from Multan to Jhang  to solve the financial problems of my tribe. lets make there lands more batter to produce more food.
I shifted my self from a luxury life to a taough village life Iam living with them without electricity and gas. Im living in my own lands with my own tribes. We are satellited with our independent national identity.. My father always introduces him self that i belong to a criminal tribe sateled in Jhang. I braked the words migration and decided to get back to my roots with the  17 years experience of service industry and 22 years experience of religious politics which i left for my baluch tribe when I saw the dirty face iranian inqalabies real faces they are the only nation who killed there own people on the name of inqalab. Now im a pure jatoi baluch finished the word of migration being in my fathers life for my groming.
Now i sleep on floor to smell my land in candle a light I call it ma mother. I have strong believe that you have two ma  one who gives you birth and other which gives you food to eat or from which you belong. We are khana badosh by origion but we are loyal where we live. We are satled from khoshab to sagodah and knjwani  faislabad as jatoi baluch one family.
We as a baluch tribe has right to question as we have also given life of our tribe men being serving in pakistan army we had 2  shead last year.  
our comment is awaiting moderation.

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Do we Question another thing sir with all your respect as an senior responsible citizen X army officer can we question to our intelligence agencies that how it come so easy for some baluch sardars access to other embassy. Do ambesies including Pakistan have there intelligence officers and military Hitachi is in all amenities to take care of all things going inside embassy. Where they not preforming there duties for which they are payed by 80% of our tax money which we pay as a citizen of Pakistan that our agencies will protect us. so where were they were they not doing there Duties. I saw with my own generals enjoying life with business community. Which are financed abnormally just as an informer of communities. Can we question this to you sir ?
Last day I have question this to brigadier and my baluch brother in baluchistan Laghar sb in Baluchistan. Why khans and where converted in to nawab , Sardars. why they were rewarded by Britishers are representing  were they representing 30 million baluchies ? Do they have a right to represent us 23 million ? They  are not representing 8 million baluchies in punjab may be they have contacts with  baluchies in sindh but we dont have. Our forefather tried to find a konba we lost in Baluchistan but failed
I did question to my brother Laghari why sub cast of baluch tribes are representing Baluchistan. Rind, Hoat, Lashari, Korie and Jatoies son jatan are the main cast of  30 million baluchies even what ever financial position they are living all over by growing there wheat and being as expert of live stock still living a good normal life.
We all dispersed first when Banu aumia tried to finish us as brave worrier tribe tribe and secondely they dispersed when Mir jalal khan send his son with Hamyun to help sone of detail im giving below ( Lagta ha Mughlon na wafa nehi ki )
First & second time
Hazrat Amir Hamza Uncle of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa ( PBUM ). He got married with the daughter of Nawsherwan, Monarch of Iran, Pari Rukh. Present Baluch are descendents of Hazrat Amir Hamza and Pari Rukh.
In Northern Iraq, A Tribe by the name of Baloos was living which, due to the atrocities committed by Banu Ummayyah  got migrated and dispersed to the different parts of the World e.g Turkistan, Iran and Russia. The “baloos” was distorted and now it is known as “Baluch”. Murree, Maingal, Bugti , Jam are offshoots of Baluch tribe who are still present in northern Baluchistan.
Hazrat Amir Hamza had four sons Parizad, Sheriar and Rustam who took birth in Iran and got settled in Iran but his fourth son Amara took birth in Arab. He had a son Ahmed, who was fond of camels was given title of “Bullo” meaning simple or shepherd of camels.
When Hajaj Bin Yousaf decided to attack Hind, Ahmed was given a responsibility to carry the Supplies ( Food supply chain or war logistics )  for war on camels via land rout trough Iran. On reaching Iran he was awarded the title of Khan. From there on Ahmed Khan Bullo was called Ahmed Khan Baluch descendents of Hazrat Amir Hamza.
second time is given below where the real dispermant accors in kabial by breaking social contacts by gora influnce in this Region after hamayun what happened with this tribe.
King Hamayun after defeat took asylum in Iran in 1536. When he returned to Hind after 10 years Five Baluch accompanied him for help, by the name of Ghazi Khan, Ismail Khan, Darya Khan, Dadan Khan and Mir Jalal Khan accompanied by Muhammad Khan Jatoi, Johet Khan korie and Ibrahim Khan Lashari. While Chakar Khan Rind S/O Mir Jalal Khan and Noota Khan Hote were remained settled in Kalat.
Mir Jalal Khan
Chakar Khan Rind
Nota Khan Hote
Ibrahim Khan Lashari
Johet Khan Korie
Muhammad Khan Jatoi
So its big question mark still i have that what happened After Mir Mandu khan
Muhammad Khan Jatoi
Sher Khan
Shadnan Khan
Sharif Khan
Muhammad khan
Asmil Khan
Chand Khan
Malik Bajar Khan

Mir Mando Khan

 Why ahmed Khan took asylan at qatal pur hwn there was Baluch ampire existed in Baluchistan ?
what happened i dont know Much, We as Jatoi baluch are part of this region living in this society with an independent identity in punjab by facing criminal cases to don't let our tradition finish. let them grow more.
 May I as a question to my Young smart Baluch Sarders why westernization inside ur boundaries ?
Now i have few question for my honorable Brig sb who blamed Baluch community that the Enemies got access to Baluch young sardars by Iraqi embassy why do we pay tax for military Hitachi in all embassies ?
where was ISI and MI when this all was happening?
Were they busy in Islambad dance parties when mush made it his empire sponsored by American ?
who was on borders to protect us as Pakistani for which we pay them from our 85% of tax money ?
Do we give this money to kill our blood in Baluchistan ?
These are not enough moral grounds to kill baluchies. Why Pakistan army interferes in political matters like the agreement between khan of qalat and Quaid e azam ?
Why army is breaking promise of Quaid e azam ?
Where were the law enforcement agencies at that time when they were planing and setting training camps in Baluchistan ?
I need answers of these question from organization which is made to protect us who is responsible for Baluchies target killing in Baluchistan ?
We as a 8 million Baluchies in punjab have a right to know why all this happened who is responsable ?
Our representative shafqat Baluch MNA will talk soon on this issue we need an ans
Muhammad Abbas Khan 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sellers of Thoughts & Words Became Kidnapers of Mind

Lets start from school of thought difference of thoughts doesn't matter its an basic right of all humans. But when someone starts buying and selling thoughts and words it means you have sold your school of thought.
 The region from which we belong is now a days a world trade center of buying Schools of thought like people use to buy shares in stock exchange. Capitalization has made things fake. You can buy anything with a bundle of printed paper named money based of fake economy. So you can buy religion, education or human mind with these papers for the destruction of humanity by the use of different sciences. Its a very common trade in our region. Buyer is the one who made capitalization or copied it like few years back Iranians made real copy of dollars.
How it starts is very important. When Britisher came in our region he introduced a foreign currency made by paper they stated buying different school of thoughts against gold pounds which are now converted into printed paper. before that we were the most strongest economic region in the whole world coz we trade food against Gold or any metal which had some kind of worth. They destroyed us on the name of selling and buying by worthless printed paper based on wrong data base of fake probability.
Its a very common trend in our society to copy those who are growing and starts adopting short cuts to achieve there targets based on capital. Its called a race of becoming rich in society worst then the race of camels that has some roles.
Lets start it what happened and whats happening now. you ll find different school of thoughts in different societies based on religion and origin commonly in our region. I use to say in my language  " Jo 1 bar bikta ha wo bar bar biqta ha ". All those hv there own community centers with different names now headed by criminals of social sciences who use psychology as a weapon to kidnap minds of the peoples belonging to that school of thought.
Trade of this crime starts when people use to start hiring heads of these school of thought or in charge of community center on the name of guide to centralize it there different people of different societies get into this business. To play with some ones faith or believe is one of the easiest game in the world for trade like PSP. Then the people started migrating them selves on the name of these school of thoughts to live together. So here the trade of human trafficking started by hidden buyers and sellers.
Peoples left there origin and region on the name of religion and made it a very successful and profitable business for rich countries to sell weapons and human lives for there interest even in shape of power game or trade of weapons. Mean while the copiers get into this business who want to grow artificially like highbreed of gora. By growing highbreed you increase the demand of a consumer coz of low nutrition a joke with all.
There is a criminal who is selling his  criminal thought and words armed with social sciences against printed paper and destroying us all sons of adem on the name of religion and origin. which they have changed by the formula of dividing them. He kidnaps young minds for his interest when he approaches him for guidance. Its very easy for him to utilize his young energy in his and his lords interest. So here a extremist start grooming by a silent kidnapping of a hidden criminal in shape of your school of thought Guide.
So i have a question from my society why you give respect to these kind of people and why you don't give respect to the one who is just selling his body against her needs ?
 If you give respect to these kind of people who sell there thoughts. words or others faith I think a prostitute deserve  more respect then him.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Felt Sorry and sad on Vaultan fling club pvt plane crash

When you feel sad it means you really feel to sorry. Please don't say sorry if you don't feel its. Its part of our generation responsibility as a people who are going to take over charge from the people of history our last generation we must be very responsible.
In 2011 i was fighting against my own system for which im ashamed of wasting my 22 years in the division of people on the name of scat. I was living in kind of a bunker named apartment on 4th floor in Gulbarg III. That was a very tough time for me now it seem that at that time i was in war zone of my life protecting myself from my system some times it harms you when you go against it. I have to chose one thing from two. Either i adopt extremism from which i taught i belong to or become Pakistani. A new patriot was taking birth inside me when i saw extremist working against my Origin and country. So a baluch living in Pakistan took birth in 2011 and won from chor of my country.
 I use to see these voltan fling club small planes in air they use to fly Pakistani flag in air. I made it a part of my inspiration or imagination to make myself more strong. I use to think that they are flying  and indicating my that i as a Pakistani citizen will serve out of these Iranian interest agents working against my Pakistan and Baluchistan. In shot l got survived in that war of my patriotism. Those were very tiring days when ever i saw those small plains in air i use to fly my two fingers in air as a sighn of victory. I use to feel that they are also celebrating my patriotism that i have adopted. It was my internal feeling that these are some females celebrating it cause our women are very brave and playing a very important role bravely in this kind of society. After passing trough a very difficult decisions when i saw them in air with Pakistani flag it feel so Good when they crosses up from the air of my apartment with Pakistani flag in the Air. So Inshallah it will be in the Air with pride soon.
Last day when I saw a news of that plane crash i felt sad. Hats of for Pilot Anita may God bless her soul being a proud lady Representing our Brave working females who do there jobs honestly.
So work for your country and die for your country and national identity. Don't migrate your self from your roots other wise extremist will kid nape you on the name of Religion. These are in tribute to Pilot Atika

Black sheeps of service Industry

Service Industry is basically a very honorable profession but black sheep's have made it corrupt. Basic definition of service industry is that you give your technical services based on HR or machine against service charges whatever those services deserve. Its up to you that you take money or reward against your services given to a consumer or in shape of any thing. So the person belonging to a  this kind of very honest and most responsible profession  should be honest where one trust you to take care to of his commodity or process and takes service charges or processing charges against it. Check the level of trust in this Business one trust..Money handling is also a part of a service Industry which Includes Banking sector also..
So what happened with us in the market of service industry Theifes get inside this industry even in the shape of trader or Broker who trades others products. When i start it from my land i have to  face him from root to end. On all stages of business between the real producer and end user we have to face this mafia as a part of a corrupt system.
 lets take in example of Agri Business where there is no accountability between the producer and end user.
A farmer gets value of 40 kg wheat around 850RS/40 kg. He grows it with his full efforts and gets just 850Rs reward of his services given to his own land by cultivating wheat on it and he cares his crop like a mothers cares his new born baby. Where the name of mother and child come it deserves respect and honestly. He gets a reward in shape of just 850rs/40kg. When he goes to sell it in market he first meets an trader called wapari or arthi or broker ( agent of processing unit ) these terms are used in our market. He trades wheat and gets his brokerage from both means service charges of fulfilling his demands by supplies. This is a basic formula of economics on which every sector of business is based. That agent get that wheat from a farmer then he sells it to a processor where he process it to makes its by products like floor. That processor takes abnormal processing cost on the name of processing he trades with the crop of a wheat there he uses a Broker.
So i count it as being a student of economics in past that the value of producer counts at producer end and user end which makes supplies and demands. where there is great difference between the producer price and consumer price on which he makes consumer end. So who is earning a lot of profit ? who is releasable for there high prices of food. Where people are selling the kids against food to criminals even sitting in madrasa or in luxury office wearing smart pant coat tie.
End consumer is a place where you get real data base of supply. Why a huge difference of price between a producer and end user. End user makes the demand and producer grows it cording to his demand.. Our end user gets 1 roti in 5 rupees and or producer sold it on 850 rs/40kg who is earning  more then100 times profit.
Both are poor producer and consumer who is earning ? Poor consumer si a end user and the grower is a real producer.
You can make 500 chapati contains weight less then 100grm from 40 kg wheat so lets multiply 5*500= 2500Rs so who is earning more the 100 time profit on the name of trading and processing. Should we call them criminal or the one who's promoting them them our banking sector. Making dirty a noble profession the who takes care of your financials. So some where crime by using Financial sciences.
We all are responsible why people selling there selves against food. We are responsible of there extremist mind. 
we always hope for a batter Future.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Save Energy don't try to produce more from this fuel

Few days back I saw Mariam Nawaz sharif page on a Facebook there was some kind of a add on her page about energy conference. Being a responsible Pakistani college I should suggest her Honestly or Guide her batter. I suggested her to start a door to door campaign to save energy. By this king of first political physical appearance in politics will be a good start for you as a part of our generation who going to take responsibilities in future like.
when I was in 14th year of my educational life as a student i use to say people why we are using two energies. Why we use two fuels that was a time around 1994 coz in 1996 at the age of 19 i Took over my fathers business as a part of a responsibility i get into service Industry. so i serviced now its  been 16 years part of my lifer I always call it my first arange merriage at the age of 19. So being a honest Husband with my first arranged marriage ( where we have defend our elders decission in life its our trdetion hum na nehi bol saqta apna bozagon ko). which was arranged is now expanding Inshahallah into cold chain to save post harvest loses on my own fore fathers land. So in shot it became my profession. Being a honest and responsible professional i did what i can.
Why don't we utilize agri waste ?
 There my father gave me a default unit to Run. I accepted it as a 1st arrange marriage. Like the old feudal minded people do. He use to say go and live on your own and never ask me for help in practical life. He asked me try to  make your own contacts don't bother me for help. Aj bhi yad ha class 8th ma tha jab aun na kaha tha apana ap pa jina sikho mara nam ka fiada na authana. So i did it in last 22 years i never asked my fathers for and never used his name to anyone for any kind of help.
 I always use to say my father has thrown me in a pisi of a sheep coz we use to give them cold chain services to sheep casing companies in market..
So as a honest and responsible professional Businessman I worked honestly and reached to a place where im on my own lands to cultivate and stop post harvest loses. which i was requesting from 2006 to my respectable Punjab gov. I started it by myself as being a honest member of this industry. I requested them to instal processing units on sale points to control  Post harvest loses. I gave them a project to give me chance to instal it i ll try to save within 5 to 10%. These units on sale pionts will help us to save post haveste loses. so its my honesty to my profesiom that i made another project.Im working in field with my tribe men to stop post harvest loses save my project from trader mafia and commissions agents in shape of brokers available in market.
This financial froad designer was Shokat Aziz which is till adopted by our banks. Sardar Akhta mangal said a right thing that there is not much difference between zardari and Mushraf. Mr Shokat aziz a criminal of financial sciences injected faked economy on the bases of fast transactions just to boast it artificially. He made a fake corrupt trader mafia who loated people on the name of processing and services . So he made the service sector corrupt in Pakistan. I'm the victim of these laws. That commission based traders became mafia and they are again promoted by this political Gov which causing of high prices in market. BY which end consumer suffers.
 He made the Banking sector and service industry corrupt by financing them trough banks. He inflated the consumer items in Pakistan market by the name of consumer financing. I always use to say he sold us in the trade of plastic named by consumer financing froad. Why he increased our import bill on the name luxury items who increased the consumption of energy and he made us beggar. Why don't we call him a criminal
May i ask a question to my honorable politicians can we think honestly for sometime for our country why you are again buying is machine to generate energy who's fuel will make us dependent on others ?
Can we sleep in dark for some time to save energy. Would you like to use candle instead of  using electricity. Why should we depend on this arbi and agmi fuel. Why don't we come to focus on agri waste. If i can plane it for my company. Why not Pakistan government has no Idea what to do. Are all those who are guiding politicians on the name of policy making are incompetent or both ?
So i request as a Responsible Pakistani Citizen Save energy, Give gas to industry and enjoy candle lights or moon light in the night to see the beauty of nature. " sarson ka dia our heritage save it like a responsible member of subcontinent society. Make it a habit till  we got converted to alternate fuel. Spend ur evenings with a beautiful Music with R&J cigar, Candle light and coffee try to enjoy ur evening by creating this kind of environment. Hey candles must be made of our local wax. Save energy

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

International War Creminals of Human Right destroyed Seria

America and Iran must be convicted as International war criminals of breaking human Rights in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria etc in shape of hidden proxy war on the name of religion. Our subcontinent is traditionally more Liberal then any thing but these two criminals have destroyed the whole world. we also suffered from it in past and still with a school of though from which he belongs to destroy humanity in shape of dividing it with relgious school of thoughts
So now I think my Syrian brothers Got to know after all this which is happening there. This is what they did with Imam e Hussain a.s. we as a civil society of Pakistan strongly condemns the international involvement in Syria.
Dear Brothers and Sisters of Syria,
we are very sorry as being a past part of a Arab community called Baluch living in Punjab and as a part of that origion i owns is from sistan Iran to UP India.  Pakistan Afghanistan and Iran so after 1857 Britisher started loathing us on the name of making us civilization member of a society he gifted us our destruction in shape of pant coat by changing our national dress and dislocating us by the breakage of subcontinent. Then they started selling wepon to us to us just to distroy our selves then the great players of Islam gets in and they started dividing us in diffrent religious school of thoughts now they are planing to make our Baluchistan there new war zone. So the vicyum which is disturbing you and us is same Its batter to mantion and share few experionses which he had in past may be they ll save you.
I always use to say  one made a machine other supplied a fuel made our self poor using someones machine with depration on the trade of apresation products like food why buy it with fake economy made by capitilizaton based on fake data base has loated us they used states probebelities as a crime by make a fake economy of the region. So oil owns by Arabs and Machines owns by Gora what we are geting against fake economy where a paer makes a value on future forcast of probebilities based on wrong data based loated us.
 By the base of this thing made these Gora and Arabs an now Ajmies ( Iran) become hidden super powers all ways in search of proxy war zone why dont they destroy there own land we can also question this thing to iranian civil society who are against these inqalabi pasdarans they say they are not geting there rights to live a normal life. S the face of hiden or up coming super powers are some where very dirty by palying a play of human trafiking on the name of religion.
They divided us and and rolled us from there where they live.
We are Bullo tribe belonging to arab so are also victims of this war which have been started in your country and they have started making same kind environment like in our Baluchistan.
Britisher changed our organizational hirarki by making makhdoms , sardars nawabs and dewans from a lower qabials or tribes in shape of rewards of selling there sardars faith. They made there own in this region before going.
So on the other hand and mean while they dislocated us on the name of religion to make fake peoples of that origion
 Then in 80"s a creacter on the name proxy war a intelligent Brain a intellectual criminal Charlie Wilson came and started human trafficking in shape of jehad to cell weapons to Iran against the Iraqi war. They came under the cover and command of our honorable Genral zia ul haq made an agreement with him and he sold us to americans.That decade made some some Rich generals and now in politics
So after Pasdaran e inqalab blood shed on the name of inqalab started making this Region part of a hell on the name of jahad to start proxy war they hired our army to destroy our selves.
Now we facing a production of Rich colonels in Baluchistan after retirement we feel them very Rich no accountability.

So my question is are these super powers criminals if they are then why they are respectable ?
No accountability with in the society coz using state probebility as crimeo of  statistical sciences which makes fake economy by using wrong data is this a crime of a state student who based the probabilities based on wrong data base. They are breaking our basic Role of HR science by changing Hirarki here there using HR as a crime.
 If you calls means your society calls me Criminal being a part of it what should i call you fake people who sold there loyalties.  don't for get what we are doing is becoming a part of history.'
Then another criminal came who loated us on the name of capitalization so again the natural hirarki of societies changed they also generated fake people another crime. People changed there origin by dislocating them on the name of religion we were the richest region of all continents in past if you see in 18s.They made fakes who are not repressing us.
So we are getting aware of these things now. Its batter for our economy to trade with in subcontinent there business is based on fake data base see in wall street are they they have loated there own people on the name of capitalization. they had a fake data base of probabilities by which they loated the people. Can we question this thing to America why people on the wall street Have you loated ur own people ?
And on the other hand can we question it from respectable president of Iran why 2.5 billion dollars froad from bank means with the money of  imam raza foundation money why ?
Can we question this to our honorable president of Afghanistan that why his brother was involve in drug mafia all sealers of lives together.
So we have a baluch president here representing baluch community of sindh Pakistan. We are that he will talk about there rites of people to live its a Basic right of seryion people.We are proud of our democratic Zardari Baluch president. God bless him
Ending my article i would like to share Iron Ladies few words  ( Margarete Thacher )
Watch your words for they become action, watch your action for they become habits, Watch your habit for they become your creacter watch your creacter for that become your destiny .
What we Thing we become,
So hoping for best tomorrow always not to lose hope we all as a
Stop destroying us let it be very clear that if our communication gape being filled what will happen with you so who ever you are don't try to destroy us.
So it was our responsibility citizen of a community of new social society without borders has Borned and can share and awar for what we have faced and still facing.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Talban for Sale Expo 2012 Held in Islambad aranged BY Iran

Last week when I saw Iranian President , Afghan President and our Baluch President of Pakistan sitting together in Islamabad. I smiled and the 1st word came out of my mouth was talban for sale expo 2012 held in Islamabad arranged by Iran. All traders of lives and blood together on the name of Religion black mailing Pakistan on the name of religion, oil and gas. Trading of talban groups now Iran has most of the talban group on there pay role cose they have easy access then gora coz of language.
Then i saw few bills of us gov about Baluchistan in US Parliament. So now x super power and upcoming super power criminals of human trafficking sometimes on the name of faith are trying to make there new war zone in Baluchistan.  why always us to be sold. It seems Iran making a cause to invite america in Baluchistan then he ll inter like charlie wilsion entered in afghan war Iranians are good copier and cheaters they cheating people on the name of sect.
We Punjabi Baluch will not permit any one even Gora, Irani , or any other to enter inside our home land Baluchistan. Why again 1857 is going to be repeated and designed in new shape of Crime. Why not we question this thing to them as a civilized society without borders of Americans  and Iranians is it look nice if we talks about shahs family in Iran. what they did with them all knows and how these inqalabies are in goverment by taking 1million peoples Blood during on the name of Inqalab what about the human Right in Iran. If we talk about Mexicans in America or we talk about iresh to UK ans us. We know how to defend our mothers sisters and children we don't need any help. May we question Iranians why they have killed 100000 Iraqi ?
Stop this crime of Human trafficking some times you call it a crime and some time you accept it by making extremist on the name of Jahad all fake causes.
So I request my Baluchi Brother that we should Honer the promise of Khan of Kalat. We all sons of Pari Rukh all togather on the name of nation a baluch nation starts from sistan Iran to UP India. We are with you call us for help instead of calling gora or another we ll migrate I promise.
Save my Baluchistan from these traders of Blood save my land i don't wantt see another 1947 again I dont wantt see tears in the eyes of daughters of pari rukh for there son to be used for a fake cause. Now its time for pease and work for the betterment of the Baluchi tribe Economic condetion to get more stronger. Dont put people into wars don't enter imported guns inside they ll destroy us on the name of proxy war. I respect the decision of my elders and honors it. Give us our right within Pakistan like quaid promised with Khan of Qalat. Other wise we ll getup for our baluch brothers in Baluchistan.
Abbas Khan

Friday, 17 February 2012

No Borders Twitter Family: WHY not Freedom & Justice for Asia Bibi

No Borders Twitter Family: WHY not Freedom & Justice for Asia Bibi: In tribute of Shaed Salman Taseer WHY not Freedom & Justice for Asia Bibi First we need to question a few things about ourselves. ...

WHY not Freedom & Justice for Asia Bibi

In tribute of Shaed Salman Taseer
WHY not Freedom & Justice for Asia Bibi

First we need to question a few things about ourselves.

Why not freedom and justice for Asia Bibi as a Pakistani citizen?  Does she have a green ID card?  If she is a citizen of Pakistan, why is there no freedom for her in Quaid’s Pakistan?
What is the definition of Quaid’s Pakistan?  If I’m not wrong, he made this
country for the minorities of the Indian subcontinent.  If he made Pakistan for minorities then why Asia Bibi didn’t get freedom or justice, being a member of the Christian minority of Pakistan?  Is this a land of religious extremist?  If it is, then how can we call it Quaid’s Pakistan ?

My life started under an extreme form of the religion and it took 22 years to escape it.  A silent kidnapping, a few actors, a silent crime in which someone kidnaps a kid by giving him strength of cause and then by using a weapon of social sciences making an extremist and a criminal out of him. Sometimes we use social sciences positively and sometimes negatively. He plays a drama written by a good writer, produced by a good director and acted by a good actor called a molvi. He plays with your weaknesses, like religion. He heads a community centre called Madrasa, Mandar, Church, Imambargah or some Jewish prayer centre
Basically a criminal of social sciences is someone who plays with the faith of a society. (So is an Irani Inqalabi criminal part of this silent crime?)  And, am I a criminal or a dishonest Pakistani?  Where are the guides in a society when you need them?  I’m talking about Islam and not comparing it with other communities. Perhaps they are still in their original shape, but all religions have extremists and I’m talking about Islam because I don’t know much about other faiths.

Real community center has been hijacked by an extremist which was in form of Madrasa, Mandar, Chirch, Imambargah or some juesh pray center. Basically a criminal of social sciences is heading  some of  these which plays with the faith of a society. so was part of this silent crime like irani Inqalabi criminal so am I a Criminal or dis honest Pakistani ?
Where you needs a guide in a society ?
 when it is needed where when you need a Guidance very simple nothing more. im just  talking about Islam don’t match it with others community center may be they are still in there original shape, By knowing a fact all religions have extremist but im talking about Islamic community centers named madrasa, Masjid or Imam Bargah coze I don’t know much about others faith and Relgion  so how can I comment on that ?
My all these question are for the society in which I live  cant includes coz Honestly I don’t Know about them coz I don’t live there why should I question them. Are we dishonest ?
So lets start from a birth of a kid. KID gets his basic moral lessons from his home. So the basic Educational institute is Home which heads by a mother and father  in other words Let make it an Organization just for the accountability and analysis that are we honest with our natural Organizational Hirarki. Both Father and mother are managing partners of life 1 manages internal affairs of home ( Home industry )other manages the economy and external affairs of an organization called Home. Which produces our upcoming generation.  What they taught you at home that becomes part of ur cause in life.  So I always say problems starts from the roots and If you want to finish it or change it start it from the Root level.
 The problem starts from your basic educational institute Called Home in which head of that organization named Home made by a contract of two life partners just like a contract of a Pvt Ltd company made to earn money contract. The only difference in both is  that in Pvt limted company contract you count a valuation of  fix or unfix asets and here at Home contract you counts  valuation of two life’s two humans. Its our bad luck that we count and analyze our everything with money so that why I made an easy example for most of the mebers of our society. So 1 contract produces money and other produces new generation.
 After taking birth you become a student of this educational institute and organization  called home automatically even you want or not .You can’t change your origin. Cause its part of nature you can’t change or stop it. Its natural gens interacts Its produces a new Generation which comes from father and grows in the Ma Ki Goad. Gora don’t have words to  translate  this relation It’s a pure beauty of our subcontinent he modernized it but can’t change its role in our society. Home is an industry which produces next generation contracted between two human to live together. They changed our locations migrated us from one region to another by buying heads of these community centers made for welfare of the society Where we live.  so they changed every thing after 1857 but they can’t snatch the beauty of subcontinents original mother. So lets come to the point there are some problems at a root level means in his basic educational institute that why religious criminal are taking birth.
There are 3 factors influencing a person’s practical life:  first, home environment; second, the society into which he is born, and third, where he receives his education to become part of a civil society, i.e. school college, university or some madrasa.  If one of them does not work honestly, the total system of grooming a citizen collapses
So im sorry to all males and females are responsible of this crime. Its basically a crime that you don’t groom a person honestly whose responsibility is given to you to make him a civilized member of a society you fails if he becomes extremist its ur responsibility being part of the organizational head of Home you have to do it honestly.
So I have a question now are we an honest in all these things where upcoming generation grooms ?
In my view may be im wrong. Problems start from the basic Organizational heads Mother and Father. When he or she is greedy they ll produce a greedy member of a society. Where problem starts where insatisfaction  showed by any orgationzitaional heads even by the breakage of the basic contract they did before making this organization named home or  need to gets an acess of everything makes a human greedy. So when one can’t get acess to all those things even in the shape of love according to the contract of two organizational heads as practical life partners. One of them tries to approach the place which is fixed for preaching of God or the head of that community center based on religion  there they meets a organizational head female or male. There they started waiting for mojazat that all will get fine soon and started educating kids to pray like he or she says to whom they follow as Guided by the head of Religious community center.
When the kid approaches this kind of criminal school of thought. He starts following That actor Like Qadries teacher or guide. There he or she attacks by using a weapon of social science or sectary of young boy as a criminal and makes him extremist and force to work for his self-made fake cause. Like these minds Use Qadri to kill @SalmanTaseer my inspiration to how to fight with your system for others Right to live. There a kind of silent kidnapping starts at a roat level to make extremist. And then both organizational heads  been convicted as a dishonest with there organization called Home collapse due to irresponsible act not less then a Crime in not producing a civilized member of the society.
The very important thing which mother gives a child from her education is the basic and first educational institute. When she hates her husband in front of their kids, the hate and revenge
automatically transfers to a kid. A young revengeful boy enters into a world where he gets enough power to utilize anywhere. This makes armies, civil or uniformed. So I always suggest to my female friends: if you don’t like the man who is your life partner, then leave him.  Don’t compromise otherwise you’ll produce extremist.  As Maria.B says: Talak agar itni bore cheez hoti to Quran ma kion hota .  It’s a contract between two humans.  If one does not follow or fulfil that which was promised, then end the contract instead of giving birth to or producing an extremist.

The second factor in grooming a citizen is the society in which he lives. Whether it is based on religion, or not or based on origins can produce an extremist.  Why internal
migration after 1947?  Is this a crime? When one leaves his land of origin, he forgets about its moral values for being a part of a society where is answerable to the people of his origin there he feels a comfortable decision making to migrate that place so the all social societies made
on religion or sect is wrong

There is also the role of a community centre. Where you have recorded a community centre against money means you started selling your sect or religion – and I myself am a criminal for doing this kind of act. As they say, JO eik bar biqta ha wo bar bar biqta ha!  So we are responsible, being part of a society based on religion and which produces more extremists.

Third and most important thing, is your educational institute, your other father and mother, your  teachers whether a molvi, a school teacher, university professor or lecturer.  But if he has been appointed by giving a bribe?  So I say, from 2012 close these kinds of educational organisations whch are producing extremists.  These are institutes whose heads are mostly regacted people from all organisaton thee he gets appointment or appointed by giving there services as Professor or an actor which teaches you fake roles
He has no interest in his profession. Your profession must be your passion. Then you’ll become an honest member of a social society in which you live. So when you sell your knowledge for money it is such a shameful act.  You sell the character of a society if you look deeply and honestly. 

When a kid finishes school, he dreams about his future, of joining an honest profession and there he finds a professor who is dishonest and who doesn’t deserves what he is doing. If his knowledge is so good that he teaches it to others, why does he sell it?  In other words, everything is being sold at a root level.  Close these kinds of educational institutes in south Punjab and Frontier.  They are producing extremists because they have been hijacked by religious organisations. Why doesn’t the army destroy them?  If they don’t destroy them, they’ll destroy us.  Why guns in educational institutes instead of books.

Today one of my twitter friend asked why Iran, so my answer is look at history and see the role of Iranians.  Never mind modernisation, just see how they do this kind of crime on the basis of religion so that now everything thing is being sold to extremists.  How Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Citizen, being a part of a Pakistani minority of this country can get freedom when extremists are everywhere?
So we groomed our children in the after affects of Zia and Ayub, through martial law and through masjid and madrassah by hijacking of a community center by recruiting a religious guide for money.  Jo eik bar biqta ha wo bar bar biqta ha.

Extremists do not belong to any kind of religious school of thought.  They have their own criminal school of thought where they use social sciences as weapon.  It’s just a group of silent criminals who use it to sell others faith and beliefs.

If I’m not wrong, in all religions people are just answerable to the God in which they believe.  If we look deeply and honestly it’s personal.  So how can one anyone ever represent it and
question it?   If you represent it, you are a fake. The best that one can do is just to guide based on his knowledge about the religion.  Nobody knows what is in a person’s heart.  One has freedom of adopting any faith or belief.  It’s his basic right as part of a civilized society. Fake people heading community centres are like actors, directors or producers of a drama which they make to earn money.  They sell their faith and beliefs in these community centres which are made for people to gather to pray, interact and share each others problems and joys.

Can we question another’s faith and belief?  If somebody present this kind of a drama which divides people on the basis of their beliefs, where one brother hates another for his personal beliefs and faith, or which divides a community on the basis of hate is not less than a criminal. Then why are there criminals in every street, sitting inside mosques deciding about others faith?  How can they do this when they only have authority to guide. And if they decide if I am a good Muslim or Christian, then what will God decide on the day of Judgement?

To play with someone’s personal belief is such an easy crime.  But then what do you expect from a person whose training starts by crushing one week chicks with a bare foot.

So, sadly, all males and females are responsible for the crime of extremism.  It’s basically a crime to not properly groom a person whose responsibility is given to you.  It’s your work as being part of society to do it honestly.  So I have a question: are we honest in how we undertake these responsibilities for the next generation?
What do you Accept from a person whose Training starts by crushing 7 days old chick with a naked foot ?
We all pray for the freedom of Asia BiBi. So a country made for minorities name Pakistan there minorities are not getting Justice Is this My Quids Pakistan ? I leave this Question for and thanks to my respectable twitter family member @mrszkhan for helping me to write im still sure I don’t know how write.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

No Borders Twitter Family: I Have Lost My Red Rose Last Years on velintines D...

No Borders Twitter Family: I Have Lost My Red Rose Last Years on velintines D...: I have lost my Red Rose last year from my apartment in Lahore Maisonette Luxury Apartme Lahore ap 29. does anybody know who stole that Re...

I Have Lost My Red Rose Last Years on velintines Day

I have lost my Red Rose last year from my apartment in Lahore Maisonette Luxury Apartme Lahore ap 29.  does anybody know who stole that Red Rose It seem Like this ?
I was there in Lahore for my corporate farming project it seems like a war zone when i look a year back. corrupt every where. so there on the Roof top on 14th feb 2011 a beautiful evening a waiter gifted me that Rose as a gift of valentines day. I took it from Him and said to a person of my tribe that I will give this flower to one to whom i really love all fakes in past including Cause. So I took it inside my apartment and left it in the draw before leaving for airport when i came back after 3 days that rose was not there in my Draw. Those were basically the days of my conversion from extremist to an librel After knowing  the fact that the fake cause of extremism adopted by me in the past was a part of a proxy war where you fights for others interest. Where is my Pakistan not like Maria.B. I Thaought pakistan is an amanat with me of next generation given by my  last generation how can i sell it to others.I have to transfer that patriotism to my next generation honestly. When i saw it with my eyes all sold everything including Religion. I took a decision to get Back to roots Back to the origion i own  and desided to get back to my tribe where i have graves. After Knowing the fact in cities all are fake . So it was my own decision to lets work for Tribe instead of  working for fakes like religion. When I saw  where everything has been sold by a group of people in there own intrest to others countries like Iran against money I felt myself lost. As you know the conversion time is very difficult  I was so flareup and asking myself what you did in last 22 years so being as a baluch i was so much angry picked  a gun against extremist.
 Conversion times is very difficult like we are facing conversion of super power like after america we will have to maintain 4 affairs irans, China, Turkey and Russia lol as a super power like we had in past. At that tough time when I saw that rose i felt a shine of hope in my life and eyes as well.  So still working with honestly without wasting time. The past was dark coze of extremism so a hope of shine is still in my eyes for a batter future long term relationship with Both the who stolen that rose and for my Pakistan and Baluchki for which i left my Religion. Good hopes for 2012 for the one who stole that rose and for my all Pakistan. Wish you all a happy Valentines day

Friday, 10 February 2012

No Borders Twitter Family: WHY Our Guns On Our head BY breaking Promise of Qu...

No Borders Twitter Family: WHY Our Guns On Our head BY breaking Promise of Qu...: I was reading a research article about Baluchistan by some honorable Phd Dr Anayat Baluch PHD from germany we must respect his opinion.eht...

WHY Our Guns On Our head BY breaking Promise of Quaid a azam In Baluchistan

 I was reading a research article about Baluchistan by some honorable Phd Dr Anayat Baluch PHD from germany we must respect his opinion.ehttp://baask.com/diwwan/index.php/topic,1231.msg7900.html?PHPSESSID=2af08f6e9e88e731bde79600d40f05ea#msg7900. So i took a result from those fact given by him we are breaking promise of Quaid Azam, as a pakistani. Even in civil dress or in khaki wardi. all are breking comitments made by Quid. so the commitment of Quaid e azam with  khan of kalat was diffrent with whats happening in Baluchistan now. I always use to say our gun on our heads in Baluchistan..
  Quaid e azam promised khan of Kalat. That all minorities will maintain there national identity togather under one fad ration named Pakistan. where all minorities will get equal right including Muslims. Coz at that time the largest minority of 50% muslims of sub continent stand togather to get there Rights made a cause to get independence. so a Quaid representing them made a nation where all  minorities  including diffrent cast religion will get rights without the differentiation anything , Sect or  cast. We all together will maintain there identity under 1 fad ration will be called Pakistan.
so im ashamed of being a past of a system where i was use to introduce myself  by doing this kind of crimenal act in society of Pakistan to not introducing my self as Baluch pakistani. We all togather are breaking  promises of Quaid e azam. Why arm forces of Pakistan are inside Baluchistan. why not on chaman borders. we lost Bangladesh in past doing this kind of act.WH Y army works for others cause. when we look into past our army was always been for sale to fight for others interest like it starts in 1957 till now. How it is not possible that now Iranians are not hiring my forces to fight for there cause against America in Baluchistan. As we all know Iran is upcoming hidden super power of This region they have oil.
Today it is proved by the American congress Discussion shows that Pakistan army is again being sold for Iranian cause. . so this is what i want to say a new war zone Baluchistan of 2 super powers.Why always our land ? Are we not honest with our nationality or national interest as a nation we are always ready to sale it even in past or now in Baluchistan . Was the blood given for for the creation of Pakistan was of such low valued that we are any time ready to fight for anyone.
where is that patriotism gone like in 47 people showed there interest by migrating them selves.
now a new war of sects between tribes will start soon www.dawn.com/2012/02/09/rights-violations-shame-pakistanis-at-congress-hearing.html. How many time we ll present ourself for sale after 1857 when gora came to buy us and our identity of subcontinent
 so there must be some basic moral values of being nationality holder of Pakistan. we all for get that we are Pakistani. We will be responsible of destroying graves of our forgathers in Future by doing this criminal act.
All we know who is financing most of Taliban groups now IRAN. Iran and Americans coming to destroy our land our graves. The war against tariorisam became and proved war against me. Extremist every where. Buyers of ur faith every where.
 Baluch tribe man in baluchistan had a very clear view first sardar  and then God now what happened ? where are Sardars ? Now you find international buyers of human trafficking in Baluchistan on the name of jehad against humanity. I request all sarders of tribes in Baluchistan came back work for you Tribes and save Baluchistan from these international criminals.
Please wake up Pakistan don't wake up like Maria.B
WHY shiaisam in Baluchistan is being promoted by Promoting dhomki kabila as a new identity of shia kabial by making a dohmki sardar Molvi studied and came back from iran to promote sectarian extremisam in Baluchistan. Are we selling our national interest on the name of religion.Is this kind of criminal act played by irani. Y sectarinisam within baluch tribes. We are just worior not leaders of islam see in history
 on 11th September 1947 there was an agreement between wali e qalat and quaid azam representing gov of pakistan as the part of a guarantee of this agreement. Do we call him Father of our nation. He Promised that within the state you all have a independent identity. without differentiating people with sect or origin all will have equal rights this is what quaid azam promised ?
The army must be back on borders no need of them inside. Baluchistan will have independent identity and atonemy this is what quaid promised. Then y army inside Baluchistan y not on borders.
we are paying them 85%  from our Tax money collected by the peoples of Pakistan for the protection of borders to save our national interest. We wantt know where you are utilizing our money. we have a right to question it from Arm forces why braking quaids promise ? Why you are killing us with our tax money ? should we question this ? being a tax payee of Pakistan i have a right to question this as a Pakistani citizen Do i have ?
so if u are Honest make an anlysis what army gave us against our 85% budget. The reality is army took over  Pakistan in 1948. Crimes did by uniformed leaders of the State
1 Braked the promise of Quaid e azam
2 Destroyed our economy under the command of gen ayub khan. and standing an issue of one unit
3 In 71 we lost Bangladesh
4 Zia started a jahadi war for which we are still suffering in shape of jahad new genration ready to kill ur own self and promoted tarerisam.They promoted trade of weapons between Iran and America on the name kashmir jahad and made few rich journals
5 In musharaf u sold ur countery against fake economy and war against terioraisam became war against me.
6 Now a new adventure in Baluchistan Started by Mush
So still we are not tired of this trade of wepons and Human traficing which was started by charlie wilson in this region now all tring to capture Baluchistan.
I dont wantt to calculate years which we have pased away. Looking for a positive Pakistan
So master of silent crime Iranians are part of  all this there is a richest Pakistani trader on the border of Baluchistan sistan is ready to pay 30 million each for a senate seat. name sistani lives on sistan. So again another upcoming super power is doing this kind of crime to destroy subcontinent a new kind of gora in shape of Irani by Hiring few rich generals of army to destroy Baluchistan. Master of target Killing. They are here in this region on the name of extrmisam and sactarionisam. Extremist wantt expand there empire.. Gave us a title and trying to kill us with our own hands in Baluchistan. Base of extremism in Baluchistan was started by iranians by en powering Hazaras now extremist every. When we see Baluchistan nationalist talking about religious it smells Iranian mind.  Iran is here on the name of religion. who is becoming stronger on the name of religion and now after capturing afghanistan and half of arab on the name of religion. It will destroy all of us with our own guns. Iranians are the only who in force people to do crime without giving money.
this unorganized armed army made by Iranians will be more then an atom bomb. So Iranians are worst enemy then American y dont they fight openly in there own war zones why ours. Y Baluchistan ?. Now talbanisation and sectarianism will be injected by iran by migration of hazaras in queata to make differences on sects. Baluch tradention are very libral about islam they are near to secular . They are just warriors. wantt fight even with other or in between nothing else.
so the breakage of this region on the bases of region is an iranian crime to colapes its economy. They need our copper and will destroy our national identity. If you have started introducing ur self with the sect u belong. Its an Iranian style of crime in this region. we forgotten the value of Adab in Suncontinent. so the power game on the name of origin will be ended by iranian on the name of religion in future
WHY  targeting my blood with my money ? within the state by braking a promise of quaid in pak uniform flaged by pakistan.
 WHY again few powerful generals have sold Baluchistan to a next coming super power.They have marked a new war zone for proxy war with America for the trade of wapons. Is it a good act being part of this society. WHY breakage of promise with wali kalat. WHY they didn't protected our borders that the access of itlat and any agency can easily hire a criminal from Baluchistan
WHY they are not protecting border ?
WHY are they killing us ?
WHY no respect of quaid gave ?
WHY no respect of a gaurantiy given by Quaid to wali e kalat that no involvement of army with in the  Baluch society ?
Baluch society is based on tribal values in Baluchistan. tradetional representation of there tribe in shape of sardar is there they can handle there tribes. Baluchies in Baluchistan are answerable to there sardar witnin there society.
WHY you have started killing my children and women entered in my house by using My tax Money. Y nawab Bugtis Daughters Killers are not been arrested by any law making agency.
WHY  dont we Ques it as a part of society living in Pakistan ?
who is Breaking promise of quaid ?
Do we have any moral answer as society member ?
My one twitter friend asked me ka thora likha karo and my other Teacher teaches me ka dont jump so i should follow there instructions as a ustad of this social networking without borders.
so y not a open interaction within the society without borders. we don't need army inside they should shift there contaminants near borders they have ability to provide all kind of facilities to there family near borders that's y they are called army. Nor you are protecting border nor  me.
how u do this kind of dishonesty as being a part of society ?
i have to do proof reading and make it shot now without jumping
 We don't wantt lose Baluchistan. It  was quaids brain who gave us indepandent identity within the state of Pakistan as Baluchistan ( Place where Bullo lives ). we dont wantt lose the grave of our Fathers Quaid and Wali e Qalat.
 Give indepandant identity to all which they promised.
WHY jahadi still Promoting ?
India and pakistan both know that the interaction with in the society who have same traditional values is batter then having affair with any super power. so we must open interaction to sort out fakes like rich generals.
how by selling us > Y khaki wardi wala braking moral values y v should not speak out. oh ho got busy in office. so all r corrupt. lets start proof reading according to ustad yasmeen.