Thursday, 27 March 2014

Do IK Represent TTP School of Thought ?

It's  a story of 80's when a wise brain Like Charley Wilson made a war designed to use others believes for the name of metal trade self entrust even to sell weapons or buy Humans's. They were been high jacked by there emotional chamber whose highjacker is a religious actor living with us as our family member he is made by land mafia now the countries are entrusted to make them more for there own entrust, A boy is used to set a mind set that girl don't deserve your emotion's your believe deserve it. what ever it's requirement go your death is waiting to save the believe even it exist or not.
Biggest Challenges of the State were made by illiterate dictator made to pick the gun They Sold us:
 what ever it is don't matter they used on the name of Jahad by buying our security forces and civil armies on the name of sect or religion they were become the cause of distribution of war weapon in streets of all countries . The boy who was made to finish his hunger of food by selling old or new time wepons when he lost financier. for which they have promised to give thir lives as they them self planed to kill their ownself. Before killing the master of drama trains him to finish his  all kind of seance of Homer., they said to fight with your self and call it a war of religion we started doing this practice which is still continue at that level where mush made most of the new groups, and a fake proxy was made and planted to Give birth to a TTP, Even Iran, US or RUSSIA etc are playing with hearts by killing our innocent children any where in mountains or in luxury sectarian elite children or an unemployed disappointed boy not happy with his education regrading to be unemployed in urban and lost it's Rural including parents grooms himself for crime by using his aggression towards new models of life even molvies emotional Black Mailing.
I know What I belive but you don't know what I belive by heart nobody knows it then how can a man in luxrey persion or with arabic dresses came with not less then 150 armed terrios to save him because he is guiding us wrong can represent my belive who is hiding himself from a fear to die even he told us never get fear to die so he is afraid of his death do he and we don't have any kind of common seance that they are liers no religion asked to kill humanity or nature. They are just announcer's of averring us for our religious gathering but now they seem's to be a terror like Musharaf :)
Now we are on table naturally now we have to except them as a National Heories  Like our immature Politison who is no doubt pasionate about politics but for to set his goals before starting politics it's name of wisdom and principals to work for the welfair of people from UC to NA , A very strong instituation which is becoming a part of history and our genration will follow those rule by NA members, If Na member don't know the polics of UC he can't be able to understand NA monitering like Thar we killed our own people with thurst who won the election from that place where were they how much time they visited their goots still trying to control his un wonted words announcment like molvi some times forget what to speak, I said 3 years bach he is been hijacked by extremist like rich genrals with branded glases like Hamid Gul what does it mean we have to follow him, or TTP or dictatorisam it means there is a school of thought at school level of Politics As Ik is seemed to be there worker or representative as a Brother of TTP . 
so many questions no ans where we are moving and what our reals goals for our next generation, we are still finding it at the age of 60 because of rural arban migration on the name of depreciation and sect for luxury living here the diffrence starts in a society people which gives birth to crime why we left our root if for education then complete it and go back serve your soil. why we were fine in past with origin identification here you can analyse what happened by belife introduction there future goals get into the shadow of fake ambreala.
Democracy is a name of Dialogue for welfare of people of the state even in urban and rural do we have a next 5 years forecast of climate changes by which food will be affected ?  Do we have a question that by a quarter change of envirment will mke how much shortage of food, 
Did some dictator designed PTI Like TTP it I have a question/ What is the wisdom of PTI about future what are there principals do they own the voice of a worker or not heared properly. My my mind is dirty then may be my mind become able to understand this ?
Political maturity is very must other wise politics feel ashamed by it's Principals made by it's real definition are we moving towards fake definitions of future history or moral definition are wrong or not. who will ans the next generation that we left good and adopted bad for your hunger :)

Basically the war trader has so many serials with so many aprisode like sas baho :)