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Are We Responsable Of All Kind of Discremination's

Yes we are , I;m, You are we all are Responsible of all Kind of Discrimination's even on the name of Religion, Regional or economic meter's of society we as being a part of a society are Responsible as a criminal who don't speaks right at that time and moment when the crime is going trough in front of and he should shout that is a crime going to be happening I tried to stop it but I can't they are now addicted of Discrimination from the last couple of centuries.
I question you may I represent your believe or your personal family life as an Lover ?
We made Religious actors in last century which  become the society Representative on Religious population Facts and probabilities by internal migration on the name of religion or sect on pay role so the corruption of you and my starts at a Charity level are we responsible if we are than you and me are criminals ? at every end of greed ?
I and my sons Plan to attend  Christmas Ceremony in my nearest House nearest Cher To do it piratically that If my Cristian community has Threats I and my sons are with them. I left religious origanisational Politics in 2010 orally by word's that I will not become a part of that kind of activity by which at the end it become cause of division in society and Practically in Feb 2011 by taking a stand by my own Licenced gun with three Bullets that my original Identity is my real Identity so I got back to my roots at the age of 35 to my Tribe people A Jatoi Baluch Tribe Sattaled at Moza MADDUKI ZILA JANG NA 89 Jhang now I'm Thirty seven years old man. . I left Extremist Thoughts After @SalmanTaseer.
I gave my Card to my Guard that go and give it to the Father of Multan Cant Church and wrote it with my own hands That I wished to attend the Christmas Ceremony when the Prays starts I want to attend that Ceremony with my family ( Whife and Childern ) tham t to tell tham and teach my Childern that we all are one we sh to respect their event and should celebrate with them without any kind of wrong though of discrimination But I failed Black Boots stooped my Guard that If your Identity is Christian that you can attend this ceremony otherwise NO. what The hell is this ? Is this part of Stupid security that on the name of security you are dividing us with in borders Why I and My family is Paying the tax from last 60 years to remain the Honest citizen of the society where I gave Tax for my welfare not for My guns on My Head. Do Black Boots have an answer instead of killing all with guns even their own Citizen Like in Iran In past By Pasdaran e Inqalab (Agents of West Negative Thoughts) now have their own school of thought in Arab by Itlat Iran they killed their own 1 million people by an unknown designer who sponsored in during Inqalab No body talk "s about it why ? Secondly now we have seen a live examples in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan etc
Should we say Black Boots ka hum pa aik ahsan karo ka hum pa koi ashan a na karo a beautifuly words roled by @Salman Khan ? My son is a great fan of him this morning he was asking me about his auto graph I promised him let me first go to India than I will took you there we have a same kind of Haritage.
Theses Traders of Armies equipment and oil is investing like medicine companies are investing on doctors Luxury life they made tham agent of Death who slowly kills people by medicine a powder Bullet Like the Black Oil market kings are making extremist so sell their product and by product even in shape Terrorism Based on action and reaction. why Do I have a Right to say whyof  as a part of Global society ? To make a Demand and Supply of equipment which destroys and Divide Human Societies . They are also criminal of internal migration.
Mahatma Ghandhi and Quid e Azam was so Liberal from where the Extremist came and Hijacked a Nobel cause of rights of people ?
How he or she Hy jacked the society ?
How They made the Borders on the name of Religion ?
Why the Trade of Food was stooped By borders on the name of Religion By religious actor Director and Producer ?
Who Hijacked to Nobel Cause of equal rights on both sides by holding their Independent Identity as the Quaid e Azam promised with Khan of Kalat why Black boots brooked that promise why black boots inside border Like I have siad in my some article why our Guns on Our heads ?
How and when They Hijacked ?
Now who is Holding this cause a Identity on the name of sect which destroyed whole Arab ?
Are we following them ?
If west is honest Why don't it Stop East Banking Sector to stop investing on Traders their fast trading become the cause of Rescission ?
Is Wall Street a Fraud committed by High officials ?
Why does the LIBOR scandal exists ?
Why The Iranian Trader Black Oil Many was Transacted By RBS, BARLAYS and HASB from 2006 to 2012 for terrorism where was the real Banker and Soldier ?
Why not on borders for peace and Green ?
Why don't they plant Trees instead of firing bullets on their own people even on their own people in Baluchistan ?
Why I was Stopped to attend the Christmas Ceremony as a Holder of Green Card a citizen of the same state ?
 After this kind of freedom of expression there is no need of guns.
Than where is freedom of expression is it been rolled by Black boots with Tato of to Kill ?
Why not Tato on the Tree for green and peaceful border ?
Why not a green border where we all together plant a Tree where our childern will make Tatoes on Trees and will Plant Green to save Green ?
Kind Regard's with Apollogy that I don't Know how to write your expression where lier Rules
Muhammad Abbas Khan Jatoi,
Moaza MADDUKI Zila Jhang NA 89 Jhang

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

We Lost Our Self

Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s landmark speech at the Constituent Assembly’s first meeting on August 11, 1947 in Karachi has been missing for decades and all recent efforts to retrieve it have so far been in vain.
These days, Radio Pakistan runs an Urdu translation recorded in somebody else’s voice of the same speech. Where the original speech disappeared, and whether this was deliberate, remains an unanswered question.
It may be no coincidence that the missing speech has these famous words in it: “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan …You may belong to any religion or caste or creed—that has nothing to do with the business of the state.”
It was also in this speech that the founder had said that the first duty of a government was to maintain law and order, “so that the life, property and religious beliefs of its subjects are fully protected by the state.”

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Should I Be Ashamed

If it is true then I'm ashamed of being a supporter of this kind of democracy which smells like a dictatorship who are trying to snatch a freedom of expression by blocking twitter. Still I think it's an rumor. World is going towards freedom of expression and our democratic Government who gave its leaders life for the sake of democracy are going to snatch the freedom to speech. If it is becomes true then they should not only be ashamed in front of the grave of Banazir Bhutto but also in front of the next coming generation. Why it smells like that they have been hijacked by some kind of extremist and dictator mind set. Are they inspired by Iranian Inqalabi mindset or it seems there new affair with them who are ruling on the name of religion and guns. I as a Citizen of Democratic Pakistan strongly condemns this kind of shameful act if it will be applied by PTA in Pakistan, If they are afraid of Baluchies tweets then they are wrong they ll make them more frustrated by doing this kind of criminal act how can you take someone's right to speak for there rights in 21st century. On the other hand our Government and establishment claims that we are fighting against terror to save us from the stone age and on the other hand they are trying to stitch the lips. If this will happened then im ashamed of this kind of democracy. I request to PPP Government don't let the people to write your name in the dark part of history otherwise the coming generation will not forgive you and us

Friday, 4 May 2012

No Borders Twitter Family: Save Green to Grow Organic Green

No Borders Twitter Family: Save Green to Grow Organic Green: You can save the future of your upcoming generation by saving green, By growing green organics, By saving water, By cleaning water, By ...

Save Green to Grow Organic Green

You can save the future of your upcoming generation by saving green, By growing green organics, By saving water, By cleaning water, By recycling waste water, By saving and storing Sunlight,  By saving soil with organic cultivation, By saving green waste, By quitting use of plastic bags which made us poor, By quitting chemical application, By producing pure organic food with full nutrition’s, By quitting unnecessary use of fuel based polluted machines,  By quitting the use of those machines for which we are dependent on others fuel, By saving our heritage, By saving our traditional values, By adopting traditional farming with modernization, By adopting clean alternate energy, By planting trees, By producing hygienic food valued by its nutrition, By quitting synthetic food, By quitting high bread crops, By quitting use of charcoal roads within the cultivation area, By quitting fast cultivation with machines which heats the soil and affects the seed,  By quitting  of those profession which are against your gens which you inherited genetically, By quitting use of those things which are destroying nature,  By quitting destruction of humanity, By treating plants like a human, By quitting use of weapons which are polluting our environment,
I have faced dramatic changes and diversion from the day I born till the moment im writing this article, I belong to a Jatoi Baluch tribe, A Camel Man. I have faced many diversions of life like one has to face the facts. I belong to a Cold storage Industry from the last 17 years started at the age of 19. There was a time in my life when I use to talk about these things which I’m writing and doing now when I use to talk about these things with my tribe and the people around me use to laugh at me. I’m thankful to Indian market who put my dreams and thoughts on a path where they are near to become true.
If you are a good human never sell your negative thoughts. It’s better to share your knowledge with people that debate of sharing knowledge and your positive thoughts polish your thoughts and increase your knowledge
My most positive thought is “I dream it will all become Green, Clean and Peaceful”
Destroying a tree is equal to the destruction of humanity. When you cut a tree you block the breath of 10 people, when you plant a tree you give breath to 10 people which is better than any charity.  So maybe in these 10 people you have your family members, maybe your Mother, maybe your son, maybe your daughter or may be your true LOVE. Plant tree for your family or adopt it like as a part of charity.
Few months back I had a dream that if I get a writing power I will convey people whatever I have learned in my life. I tried it and my dream became true.
Work to make your dreams one can make it if one make them his cause, As I believe make your profession your passion you can get whatever you dreamed. Hurdles of life give you courage to make your dreams true, courage comes after your failure, and these are not basically your failure , failures are lessons keep them in mind as a lesson towards success, failure makes the person perfect and gives a clear path towards success and you learn more in life.
I request all policy makers of the world to stop investing in the weapons of human even on the name of energy. Pollution is also a weapon of human destruction, we should work to increase the growth of green instead of investing on the destruction   of green it is equivalent to the destruction of humanity.
We should learn lesson from the recession of West and its depth crises which they are facing. I always say capitalization is not only a fraud its real definition is that they have looted their own people.
I’m not a scientist but I strongly believe that when we use to cultivate our lands with pair of Bulls the hooves of bull and its waste make our land more fertile. Our lands are hard they need slow cultivation like the speed of pair of bulls ( Dandan de gokein ). Our greed by the use of a fast cultivating machine whose tires and fast cultivation with heated iron blades destroyed our land. We never think what kind of negative affect it will bring to our earth its smoke is destroying our lands.
I have a very strong belief that all humans have two mothers  one who gives birth to a baby who produce food to feed people. That’s why we call ourselves son of a soil. If I’m son of soil that means that the soil which grows food for me is my mother.  Would you like to destroy your mother? Its ans is No. Mother named soil gives birth to a plant. Treat plant like a baby of your mother treat it like to you treat with human baby. If human needs clean air plant also needs it. If human needs clean water plant also requires clean water. Plant intakes water like we need water to live. So would you like to take dirty water to drink? Save your mother from poison like urea and pesticide.
I have few questions for you
Would you let your mother to drink dirty water?
Would you like to spray poison on your mother?
Would you like to let your mother walk with naked foots on charcoal road in a hot weather?
Would you like to crush your mother with heated tires of a machine?
Would you like to let your mother sit in front of a heater in hot weather?
Would you to like to cut your mother’s body with hot and fast mechanized blades?
It’s just like that you are cutting you mother’s body with red hot blades powered by pollution generating machine which don’t let your mother to inhale clean air.
So if you don’t then why you treat like this with your mother who also owns you like your own mother. The plant growing on land is just like your brother. Would you like to compromise on the quantity instead of quality for your brother?
Highbred is just like that you are asking your mother to pick a heavy thing more than her capacity to pick or lift. If you like these things for your own mother why you chose it for mother who also owns you and feeds you in shape of food like your mother feeds you with her milk.
If your human mother can’t forgive you on this kind of attitude how can the mother which owns you can forgive you on this kind of attitude.
Would you like that your human mother suffer from a skin disease if not then why for the mother who owns you and grows food for you to live a healthy life. Mother who gives you birth and feeds you to live deserves an equal respect otherwise both will not forgive you. So please don’t insult your mother with your own hands and thoughts. There is no difference the one who gives birth to a human baby and the one who give birth to a plant. Both needs to drink clean water, both need to inhale clean and fresh air.
If we are son of soil then why we are destroying it with our own hands?
I’m writing this article when on TV there is a movie coming “Jodha Akbar” such a beautiful time when Hind was rich of everything. Gora came here in 19th century for looting us cause we were the richest subcontinent of the World. That Greedy Gora came and destroyed us by giving us trend of a machine which was made by them and fueled by Arab ( Machine bhi aun ki tail bhi aun ka ghareb hum ho gia plastic aur scrape kharid kharid ka ). They destroyed our economy by making extremist and destroying our land with the pollution generating machine. There was a time when all live together without the discrimination of their personal believes,  that bull cultivation gave us enough food to live and sell to other continents.
High bread is a same kind of a crime as the capitalization is proved an fraud or theft which you do with your own people. They played with the demand and supply role as a crime by using economic sciences.
When we had organic food to eat we get our full nutrition with one chapaty of organic wheat that was enough for one time meal, now we take more than four chapaty of high bread wheat but didn’t get the required nutrition equal to one chapaty of organic wheat. High Bread will be soon prove as a crime like capitalization has been proved you increase the demand by decreasing its nutrition like they did in capitalization by using the fake probabilities here they used stats as a crime. Gora came to divide us and make us poor he did it. But the same thing is now happening with them. How can you trade on future assumptions nobody knows that what will happen after 10 years like all are facing challenges of climate changes.
They had been committed a crime by dividing us they braked our food supply chain and they gave us a gift to invest on deprecation based economy instead of appreciation like we use to invest on land and live stock in past. They broke it and addicted us of a deprecation based machine which is powered by a polluted fuel.
Our lands and soil is hard it requires slow cultivation like in past we use to cultivate land with a pair of bulls same like this our lands requires a slow irrigation system like we had the pair of bull to generate water for irrigation. The water distribution system in past was slow and soil observes the water slowly which was good for its fertility as it is harder than the west.  Our land formation is different than the West there lands observe water fast as per its formation but our land formation requires slow cultivation and irrigation cause it observes water slowly.
When we cultivate our land with fast, polluted fuel based machine our soil get heated which affects the soil and seed that affect transfers to the crop from plant and it ends with a low nutrition crop which made our bodies weak same affect is on land. Our lands are getting weaker cause of these applications.
If you consider pair of bull as a machine it is that kind of machine whose fuel is available on our lands and with the passage of time its value appreciates in form of a live stock. If you go for an analysis of bull traditional cultivation and polluted, depreciation based machine see the cost difference. If we make model of 1 hector land the pair of bull cultivates it in almost 150 minutes and the fuel cost us 23.50 Rs. On the other hand if we cultivate it with this deprecation based machine powered by a polluted fuel cultivates it in almost 60 minutes and its polluted fuel cost is more than 300 Rs. Look at the cost difference and our dependency of fuel and machine which deprecation based if this machine works three times faster than our traditional machine its running cost is making us poor and destroying our lands. So we should modernize the tools which are required for traditional cultivation to make our traditional bull machine performance better then it was in Stone Age.
I always say that our region was rich in Stone Age because we were investing on appreciation. This modern mechanization made our region poor and took that clean and fresh air to breath for which our body resistance power is getting weaker and our more than 20% home economics budget is fixed for allopathic medicine and these depreciation and polluted based machines are making us poor by increasing cost.
These plastic bags are increasing post harvest loses and pollution. Just collect the data and compare when we were using a cotton or light fabric made bag for the carriage of vegetable we had not as much loses as we have now. When the air crosses from that cotton bag in which we use to carry perishable food items that food stuff shelf life automatically increases and save it to over ripe. Now when you carry perishable food stuff in a plastic bag it’s just like that you have covered some human face in a plastic bag. The environment inside this plastic bag generates ethylene gas and blokes the breath of a vegetable. It over rips it before time the cotton bag let the air crosses from the product and increase its shelf life like an human if he takes breath in an open air or its breath blokes if you cover his face with a plastic bag. The vegetable dies in a plastic bag like a human dies if you cover his face with a plastic bag. So please don’t kill plants with your own hands by the use of plastic bag. I will call it that we are killing our self with our own hands. It is destroying everything our environment, our lands, our soil, our plants and increasing post harvest loses. I always use to say being a part of this industry from the last 17 years that the treatment which you give to plant or crop after picking or harvesting is just like the first aid treatment which you gives to a human after cutting his body part from his body. Whenever you harvest a plant or crop you must give it a treatment that it should not die or lose its nutrition till it reaches to the end user who eats it to fulfill the nutrition of its body. We are killing vegetable like we are killing humans with the use of plastic bags. Save green after cutting it from its roots take care of it like a mother take cares of his baby or when a baby born and came out of his mother’s body and you treat that baby in a nursery of a hospital . Same kind of treatment vegetable requires till it reaches to the end user or consumer. If you waste its nutrition or blocking its breath by caring it in a plastic bag its equal to committing a crime like you injures someone or kill someone.
Are we criminal of our soil?
Lets plants take a breath don’t kill them like you are killing human on the name of different things. Give them a life they ll give you a healthy life in return. Quit using plastic bags for the future of your upcoming generation otherwise they ll not forgive you.
Save water, save waste water and even vapors’ of water if you don’t save it the upcoming generations will not forgive you. The people who are wasting water are not less than a criminal. So save water for your bright greens future.
Save green waste if you save it your fertilizer cost will decrease and it will fertile your soil from which we ll get healthy crop full of nutrition.
Can we stop increasing the demand of this polluted fuel which taking us towards poverty Save it till the time we convert ourselves to biofuel and alternate clean energy.
Sunlight is a blessing for us it’s a natural dehydrator and a clean source of energy. Why don’t we save as a energy?
It’s a very critical time where we have to face so many changes at a same time, a climate change, conversion of crops, Change in a sea level and lot of other things. We all have to think together.
Somewhere these changes have positive affects and somewhere it has negative affects like the duration of winter season has expanded in our region, It has positive effect on the health of a wheat grain.
So I’m trying to end this article with a dream which I want to make it true that we people of subcontinent can get together and work together to make it green, clean and peaceful.
Thumbs up for Indian Cold storage Industry, Biotech and Agriculture sector specially in the field of organics.
If we worked together my dreams and thoughts will become yours and we ll make them true together.
Watch your thoughts for they become words, Watch your words for they become action, Watch your action for they become habit, watch your habit for they become your characters, watch your character for they become you destiny .  (Iron lady’s father words)
Muhammad Abbas Khan

Friday, 16 March 2012

I Dream it will all become Green and peaceful

I Dream it will all become Green and peaceful

I wish my dreams will come true. I want to live some more for good so good like green. Make your country green you ll be rich don’t go for such things which were been cause of destruction of humanity in past let make a history in this region and are part of up coming history. The thing which were bad in past don’t make it part of your future planing. You have to go for good its your responsibility
This is what we think and like always some one ask me again and again watch your thoughts so my honest thoughts don’t have words. Its my bad luck cause of lake of time I didnt get time to find words for which i experienced in past so the conversion takes time. I have so many diversion of life i ll suggest you to make green instead making it polluted from gas and oil, This Oil and gas money has destroyed us on the name of teriorisam which later became as i always war gainst me. If we are honest we should against the things which were being part of distruction,
I ways use to say ” na tail hamara na machine hamari istamal bhi hum karain gharib bhi hum hon ya kia bat hoe. wo machine kion nehi jis ko fuel ap ka pas ho. So naighbour contry desreves a creadit that there agri private sector has developed a lot specially in cold storage industry so must follow them instead of following those who are dieing and taking there last breaths . It is proved that capitalisation was froad goverments loated there people on the name of Capitalization so following it. Work to make Asia for which quaid and gandhi minds matches
in shot im against this gas pipeline agreement. It will become the cause of exsistance of his enemy will give him a reason to come. Why you give someone reason to get in for his enemy he is there. Don’t rent out your country as a place for others war. Don’t start a new war. Wars gives nothings instead giving big forts Please don’t go for war please think about to make it green out of fakes all can take care of there intrust If baluchies thinks it will have good impact on there region they should say ok other wise no don’t make new kind of wars we cant aford it.
Agar ap ko bohat he shok ha go for an water pipeline which will cost you low and makes green every where. Stop the wastage of water please and energy it will just increase your import bill. why not sarson ka dia or candle in the evening to make it beautiful and why not canals intead of roads we dont want roads we want water in future save it please. Like ghalib do. Don’t sell your self against fuel. Instead of generating it save it .
 Im trying to do honesty with words but some where i dont have words to write trying to learn that how one should write it honestly. Honestly the fact is that i cant give this a deserving time as much time as it deserves. People knows very well that last time the world was destroyed by American on the name of terrior like chor machia shor. That was a part of greed oil and gas and greed destroys the nation as we have seen.
so the thing which were in past is cause of destruction of humanity in your society Should not be adopted again by us other wise next generation will not forgive us as a part of history.  Keep these kind of thing out from your society which has dark past. So make it green and beautiful where my Indian friend patli kamar will walk like cat  in green wearing a red jean
We all as a part of that generation who have took charge or to be given in future must be responsible. We together sit and think how to make it green these bullets chemical will destroy our land. these tar coal roads petroleum based roads are destroying my Pakistan. We have an example in past that what American did with it on the name of NATO supplies in last few years.
Why don’t you and I together plant a tree dedicated to that year in which we are togather or away from each other. when you plant  gives life to 10 human. If we make it a symbol of love nothing wrong even with ur parents or children. If you make symbols for religion to increase the division of people and cause of hate in people why don’t you plants tree as a symbol of love. make Plant a part of your thoughts about years and people.Some times we think batter then the last thoughts so always watch your thoughts great ladies great fathers word. So give it a name of love tree make your country green you ll not need this kind of fuel which is cause of destruction of humanity trade of Human trafficking, Arms in past.This was a trade of blood  made to destroy us leave it make it green and start greening it from 2012.
Muhammad Abbas Khan

Monday, 5 March 2012

Greed and Dishonesty makes Criminal are we responsible ?

Don't break social contract based on basic moral values of the society in which we live. watch your thoughts otherwise you ll groom a criminal. Groom your son like Bibi Fatima groomed Hussain a.s who became Imam of the nation.when the responsibilities were been transferred to the next generation one must be very responsible and honest. Imam Hussain a.s and his followers took the charge honestly by giving there life for the rights of people to live. The basic human rights definition was practically defined by Imam Hussain a.s in history very first time in this universe by giving lives including his own self and  71 people of different tribes including his family. He gave us a lesson to die for the rights of people. That was the first biggest destruction of humanity in the society by setting an example by Killing Imam Hussain a.s with his family and friends. That was also a cause of breakage of basic moral values. Imam loved to die for the rights of people to let society live with basic moral values,
This is what we inherited from history don't make it dark that time is gone when abases burned the whole history. Don't forget history is watching us and writing every second of our life.
So I have a question for my brave females of this region who always been very strong internally in a family  systems on which society is based. It is based on our own moral values adopted by our society in which we live.  The society in which we live is based on a social contracts made to civilize us and together people to live. These contracts are those which are made by the societies to live together.We  make contracts named marriage which are based of human values. If you break those stoical contracts and hide it from the society you ll be automatically convicted as a criminal in this world. You ll be been convected for destroying the moral values transferred to you form last generation and which you have to transfer honestly to the the next coming generation for which these kind of contracts are made in the society. Its responsibility of every member of the society to transfer it honestly and loyalty.
What is this contract named marriage based on ? which is adopted by us as a social contract being as part of society.  This is between two people who will be declared as 1 party after this contract must be based on loyalty and honesty. According to law after sinning this contract you become 1 party which contains two members living life together by fulfilling there responsibilities as part of that contract. This social contract been singed by both of them in the presence of society as a Vietnamese. This is a common way which is almost adopted by all religions.
So some where it means that Vietnamese of this social contract are also not honesty. Some times they menage this contract on the base of there dishonesty. They have made this social contract between the two people under there Vietnamese and give name to these two parties of the contract becoming one party will live happy life by completing demand of the other partner. Both people are named husband and wife who have to groom next generation of the origin which they belong. You know it breaks automatically if you go against its terms and condition. We don't value it why ? I think some where it happened by dislocating the people from  there origin where fakes took birth. We as a part of this society we do these kinds of crimes and you are not answerable to anyone in your society why ?
Do we like what happens when we commit dishonesty with this relation based on that contact made between two humans male and female part of this society. What happens after doing this kind of hidden crime you gives birth to a future criminal or extremist. Its a natural process that by close interaction of these two members they give birth to a new generation. Are we destroying our new generation by own hands. The aggression of any member of that contract automatically intentionally or unintentionally transfers into new member of that contract called new generation.
I request to all members of my society If you think you have braked that contract please don't continue it otherwise History will not for give us that we are producers of extremist.  If you enjoys this relationship together to generate a new generation be aware of the responsibilities which will be on your shoulders after this kind enjoyment of close interaction. So the mother makes the nation financed by father. Don't destroy your upcoming generation due to your ego in society think before you do this kind of contract. Its batter to break it here Don't think to continue it with dishonesty otherwise you ll be responsible of the destruction the next generation and what will ans to last generation ? They will not for give you even they are in graves or not
Greed and Dishonesty makes Criminal are we responsible ? self analysis is batter then mine.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Promote agriculture

To save yourself from resat ion in Europe and America there economy decline has been started they need food to eat we have enough land to be cultivate in Pakistan. so distribute that land according to the origin old hirarki of tribes based on population of that origin. which are basically based on an village industry. Its a good thing for us agriculture we ll grow it and send it to by maintaining cold chains. Trade within continent for food then make its cost low. In future logistic cost will count a lot in business save your money.
Resection is like a vinous save your continent by Trading with in continent for the growth of Asia my Quaids dream. Start work now its our turn to show what we do for our nation and national identity work for your nation die for for your national identity to get rid of fakes. I request to my age fallows who's responsibilities are increased now they have to take care of there tribes based on national identity.Its part of reality and history which is been written without ravi.
its part of responsibility and human nature that we all going to take over the charge from the last generation. fakes has destroyed us by internal migration. which is now started in china they are going to suffer from it future. They are trying to stop migration within borders.
Stop migrating people within borders other wise you will start killing of people of different origin and religion. here criminals are using a law of migration on the name of religion. They have hope that the person belonging to that origin or religion will help you to earn more then they had in there village. So a printed paper migrated us on the name of religion which made the natural hirarki system disturbed. Fakes took birth. They will kill you on different issues.We have an example like in Europe there governments loated them on the name of capitalization.
We strongly condemn this proxy war starting in Baluchistan of arbi and ajmi ( Iran & Iraq ) by promoting sectarianism.
Today some body asked  me why you support Asia bibi. We all belonging to any religion or origin are basically holders of human bodies where all have same reactions in body it part of human nature you cant go against it ur body and body chemistry proves it in books. There are few reaction in body which affect i would love to give an example of body chemistry as we all know. when you stop your self to react on some sensitive issue some criminals uses this science as a crime by talking against the most loving thing in universe for them has an easy access to get in.
So enemies uses it by promoting heat between you to divide and get week that they should capture you or take over you. As i say extremist every where dividing origin on the name of region . I batter suggest my Pakistanis to go back to your roots and work there for your actual national identity. Make it green and feel free to walk there in red jeans.

New book tells Asia Bibi's story from prison :: EWTN News

Why not freedom for Asia Bibi as a minorety in Quaids pakistan ? New book tells Asia Bibi's story from prison :: EWTN News

Do we have a right to Question ?

I was in search of a real data base of baluch community last day i have read an artical written by some respectable Brigadier Asif Haroon raja. Its web address is
Please read this artical. I have gained an  near to exact data base of Baluch population in this region. It was such an helpful thing for me. .
 I almost agree with this data base. There are 30 million baluch tribes dispersed in this region. Acording to him 8 million in Punjab, 6 million in sindh, 7 million in Baluchistan,  and other dispersed in sistan Iran on 64000 area and Afghanistan.
 Means the population of Baluchistan in Baluchistan is 7 million out of 30 million in this region. The baluchies in Baluchistan represent not more than one fouth of baluch population which exist in this region. They are  7 million in Baluchistan few of them have divided on the name of religion. In near future you ll se sectarianism in Baluchistan. I think it has been started by killing hazaras on the name of sect for which i left Iranian shia school of thought. when I got to know that this all is a conspiracy against Pakistan I left it easily or with so many difficulties my God and me knows batter. where they promoted sectarianism in the Provence where already problems cause of some nationalist.

I questioned few this with this respectable Barig Sb. Im pasting it below by ending that the problem lies in max 3.5 million Baluchies out of 30 million almost 10% OF TOTAL BALUCH POPULATION has problem in Baluchistan.
I have lost my last comment which i did with him last day after reading this artical so lets make it more clear what i understands is Brig sb says. The whole night i cant slept by a question DO we have a right to question as a Baluch citizen of Pakistan living here as a tax payer from the last more then 4 centuries ?.Why on the name of NATO supplies American distributed weapons why 3900 containers of arms were unloaded here illegally ?
We Eats our self grown food which we grow on our land which was concurred by our elders not rewarded and by modernizing it we are back to our roots working with our tribes in land as upcoming young Khan of our areas by heading them and takeover from last generation in there lives. We took over it as a responsibility on our shoulder of our tribes to lead them. In shot we are facing thana culture in shape of criminal cases to stop the breakage of family Traditions means Baluchki tradition. Which we still adopt transferred by our last generation by making it more stronger. Our elders ordered us to go and represent them they are in problem.I myself left and get back to my roots by ending self migration of my father. I think they need me so I had decided to give my services to my origin from which i belong instead of giving services to a fake cause based on division of people. I decided to serve for your people and i shifted my project from Multan to Jhang  to solve the financial problems of my tribe. lets make there lands more batter to produce more food.
I shifted my self from a luxury life to a taough village life Iam living with them without electricity and gas. Im living in my own lands with my own tribes. We are satellited with our independent national identity.. My father always introduces him self that i belong to a criminal tribe sateled in Jhang. I braked the words migration and decided to get back to my roots with the  17 years experience of service industry and 22 years experience of religious politics which i left for my baluch tribe when I saw the dirty face iranian inqalabies real faces they are the only nation who killed there own people on the name of inqalab. Now im a pure jatoi baluch finished the word of migration being in my fathers life for my groming.
Now i sleep on floor to smell my land in candle a light I call it ma mother. I have strong believe that you have two ma  one who gives you birth and other which gives you food to eat or from which you belong. We are khana badosh by origion but we are loyal where we live. We are satled from khoshab to sagodah and knjwani  faislabad as jatoi baluch one family.
We as a baluch tribe has right to question as we have also given life of our tribe men being serving in pakistan army we had 2  shead last year.  
our comment is awaiting moderation.

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Do we Question another thing sir with all your respect as an senior responsible citizen X army officer can we question to our intelligence agencies that how it come so easy for some baluch sardars access to other embassy. Do ambesies including Pakistan have there intelligence officers and military Hitachi is in all amenities to take care of all things going inside embassy. Where they not preforming there duties for which they are payed by 80% of our tax money which we pay as a citizen of Pakistan that our agencies will protect us. so where were they were they not doing there Duties. I saw with my own generals enjoying life with business community. Which are financed abnormally just as an informer of communities. Can we question this to you sir ?
Last day I have question this to brigadier and my baluch brother in baluchistan Laghar sb in Baluchistan. Why khans and where converted in to nawab , Sardars. why they were rewarded by Britishers are representing  were they representing 30 million baluchies ? Do they have a right to represent us 23 million ? They  are not representing 8 million baluchies in punjab may be they have contacts with  baluchies in sindh but we dont have. Our forefather tried to find a konba we lost in Baluchistan but failed
I did question to my brother Laghari why sub cast of baluch tribes are representing Baluchistan. Rind, Hoat, Lashari, Korie and Jatoies son jatan are the main cast of  30 million baluchies even what ever financial position they are living all over by growing there wheat and being as expert of live stock still living a good normal life.
We all dispersed first when Banu aumia tried to finish us as brave worrier tribe tribe and secondely they dispersed when Mir jalal khan send his son with Hamyun to help sone of detail im giving below ( Lagta ha Mughlon na wafa nehi ki )
First & second time
Hazrat Amir Hamza Uncle of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa ( PBUM ). He got married with the daughter of Nawsherwan, Monarch of Iran, Pari Rukh. Present Baluch are descendents of Hazrat Amir Hamza and Pari Rukh.
In Northern Iraq, A Tribe by the name of Baloos was living which, due to the atrocities committed by Banu Ummayyah  got migrated and dispersed to the different parts of the World e.g Turkistan, Iran and Russia. The “baloos” was distorted and now it is known as “Baluch”. Murree, Maingal, Bugti , Jam are offshoots of Baluch tribe who are still present in northern Baluchistan.
Hazrat Amir Hamza had four sons Parizad, Sheriar and Rustam who took birth in Iran and got settled in Iran but his fourth son Amara took birth in Arab. He had a son Ahmed, who was fond of camels was given title of “Bullo” meaning simple or shepherd of camels.
When Hajaj Bin Yousaf decided to attack Hind, Ahmed was given a responsibility to carry the Supplies ( Food supply chain or war logistics )  for war on camels via land rout trough Iran. On reaching Iran he was awarded the title of Khan. From there on Ahmed Khan Bullo was called Ahmed Khan Baluch descendents of Hazrat Amir Hamza.
second time is given below where the real dispermant accors in kabial by breaking social contacts by gora influnce in this Region after hamayun what happened with this tribe.
King Hamayun after defeat took asylum in Iran in 1536. When he returned to Hind after 10 years Five Baluch accompanied him for help, by the name of Ghazi Khan, Ismail Khan, Darya Khan, Dadan Khan and Mir Jalal Khan accompanied by Muhammad Khan Jatoi, Johet Khan korie and Ibrahim Khan Lashari. While Chakar Khan Rind S/O Mir Jalal Khan and Noota Khan Hote were remained settled in Kalat.
Mir Jalal Khan
Chakar Khan Rind
Nota Khan Hote
Ibrahim Khan Lashari
Johet Khan Korie
Muhammad Khan Jatoi
So its big question mark still i have that what happened After Mir Mandu khan
Muhammad Khan Jatoi
Sher Khan
Shadnan Khan
Sharif Khan
Muhammad khan
Asmil Khan
Chand Khan
Malik Bajar Khan

Mir Mando Khan

 Why ahmed Khan took asylan at qatal pur hwn there was Baluch ampire existed in Baluchistan ?
what happened i dont know Much, We as Jatoi baluch are part of this region living in this society with an independent identity in punjab by facing criminal cases to don't let our tradition finish. let them grow more.
 May I as a question to my Young smart Baluch Sarders why westernization inside ur boundaries ?
Now i have few question for my honorable Brig sb who blamed Baluch community that the Enemies got access to Baluch young sardars by Iraqi embassy why do we pay tax for military Hitachi in all embassies ?
where was ISI and MI when this all was happening?
Were they busy in Islambad dance parties when mush made it his empire sponsored by American ?
who was on borders to protect us as Pakistani for which we pay them from our 85% of tax money ?
Do we give this money to kill our blood in Baluchistan ?
These are not enough moral grounds to kill baluchies. Why Pakistan army interferes in political matters like the agreement between khan of qalat and Quaid e azam ?
Why army is breaking promise of Quaid e azam ?
Where were the law enforcement agencies at that time when they were planing and setting training camps in Baluchistan ?
I need answers of these question from organization which is made to protect us who is responsible for Baluchies target killing in Baluchistan ?
We as a 8 million Baluchies in punjab have a right to know why all this happened who is responsable ?
Our representative shafqat Baluch MNA will talk soon on this issue we need an ans
Muhammad Abbas Khan 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sellers of Thoughts & Words Became Kidnapers of Mind

Lets start from school of thought difference of thoughts doesn't matter its an basic right of all humans. But when someone starts buying and selling thoughts and words it means you have sold your school of thought.
 The region from which we belong is now a days a world trade center of buying Schools of thought like people use to buy shares in stock exchange. Capitalization has made things fake. You can buy anything with a bundle of printed paper named money based of fake economy. So you can buy religion, education or human mind with these papers for the destruction of humanity by the use of different sciences. Its a very common trade in our region. Buyer is the one who made capitalization or copied it like few years back Iranians made real copy of dollars.
How it starts is very important. When Britisher came in our region he introduced a foreign currency made by paper they stated buying different school of thoughts against gold pounds which are now converted into printed paper. before that we were the most strongest economic region in the whole world coz we trade food against Gold or any metal which had some kind of worth. They destroyed us on the name of selling and buying by worthless printed paper based on wrong data base of fake probability.
Its a very common trend in our society to copy those who are growing and starts adopting short cuts to achieve there targets based on capital. Its called a race of becoming rich in society worst then the race of camels that has some roles.
Lets start it what happened and whats happening now. you ll find different school of thoughts in different societies based on religion and origin commonly in our region. I use to say in my language  " Jo 1 bar bikta ha wo bar bar biqta ha ". All those hv there own community centers with different names now headed by criminals of social sciences who use psychology as a weapon to kidnap minds of the peoples belonging to that school of thought.
Trade of this crime starts when people use to start hiring heads of these school of thought or in charge of community center on the name of guide to centralize it there different people of different societies get into this business. To play with some ones faith or believe is one of the easiest game in the world for trade like PSP. Then the people started migrating them selves on the name of these school of thoughts to live together. So here the trade of human trafficking started by hidden buyers and sellers.
Peoples left there origin and region on the name of religion and made it a very successful and profitable business for rich countries to sell weapons and human lives for there interest even in shape of power game or trade of weapons. Mean while the copiers get into this business who want to grow artificially like highbreed of gora. By growing highbreed you increase the demand of a consumer coz of low nutrition a joke with all.
There is a criminal who is selling his  criminal thought and words armed with social sciences against printed paper and destroying us all sons of adem on the name of religion and origin. which they have changed by the formula of dividing them. He kidnaps young minds for his interest when he approaches him for guidance. Its very easy for him to utilize his young energy in his and his lords interest. So here a extremist start grooming by a silent kidnapping of a hidden criminal in shape of your school of thought Guide.
So i have a question from my society why you give respect to these kind of people and why you don't give respect to the one who is just selling his body against her needs ?
 If you give respect to these kind of people who sell there thoughts. words or others faith I think a prostitute deserve  more respect then him.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Felt Sorry and sad on Vaultan fling club pvt plane crash

When you feel sad it means you really feel to sorry. Please don't say sorry if you don't feel its. Its part of our generation responsibility as a people who are going to take over charge from the people of history our last generation we must be very responsible.
In 2011 i was fighting against my own system for which im ashamed of wasting my 22 years in the division of people on the name of scat. I was living in kind of a bunker named apartment on 4th floor in Gulbarg III. That was a very tough time for me now it seem that at that time i was in war zone of my life protecting myself from my system some times it harms you when you go against it. I have to chose one thing from two. Either i adopt extremism from which i taught i belong to or become Pakistani. A new patriot was taking birth inside me when i saw extremist working against my Origin and country. So a baluch living in Pakistan took birth in 2011 and won from chor of my country.
 I use to see these voltan fling club small planes in air they use to fly Pakistani flag in air. I made it a part of my inspiration or imagination to make myself more strong. I use to think that they are flying  and indicating my that i as a Pakistani citizen will serve out of these Iranian interest agents working against my Pakistan and Baluchistan. In shot l got survived in that war of my patriotism. Those were very tiring days when ever i saw those small plains in air i use to fly my two fingers in air as a sighn of victory. I use to feel that they are also celebrating my patriotism that i have adopted. It was my internal feeling that these are some females celebrating it cause our women are very brave and playing a very important role bravely in this kind of society. After passing trough a very difficult decisions when i saw them in air with Pakistani flag it feel so Good when they crosses up from the air of my apartment with Pakistani flag in the Air. So Inshallah it will be in the Air with pride soon.
Last day when I saw a news of that plane crash i felt sad. Hats of for Pilot Anita may God bless her soul being a proud lady Representing our Brave working females who do there jobs honestly.
So work for your country and die for your country and national identity. Don't migrate your self from your roots other wise extremist will kid nape you on the name of Religion. These are in tribute to Pilot Atika

Black sheeps of service Industry

Service Industry is basically a very honorable profession but black sheep's have made it corrupt. Basic definition of service industry is that you give your technical services based on HR or machine against service charges whatever those services deserve. Its up to you that you take money or reward against your services given to a consumer or in shape of any thing. So the person belonging to a  this kind of very honest and most responsible profession  should be honest where one trust you to take care to of his commodity or process and takes service charges or processing charges against it. Check the level of trust in this Business one trust..Money handling is also a part of a service Industry which Includes Banking sector also..
So what happened with us in the market of service industry Theifes get inside this industry even in the shape of trader or Broker who trades others products. When i start it from my land i have to  face him from root to end. On all stages of business between the real producer and end user we have to face this mafia as a part of a corrupt system.
 lets take in example of Agri Business where there is no accountability between the producer and end user.
A farmer gets value of 40 kg wheat around 850RS/40 kg. He grows it with his full efforts and gets just 850Rs reward of his services given to his own land by cultivating wheat on it and he cares his crop like a mothers cares his new born baby. Where the name of mother and child come it deserves respect and honestly. He gets a reward in shape of just 850rs/40kg. When he goes to sell it in market he first meets an trader called wapari or arthi or broker ( agent of processing unit ) these terms are used in our market. He trades wheat and gets his brokerage from both means service charges of fulfilling his demands by supplies. This is a basic formula of economics on which every sector of business is based. That agent get that wheat from a farmer then he sells it to a processor where he process it to makes its by products like floor. That processor takes abnormal processing cost on the name of processing he trades with the crop of a wheat there he uses a Broker.
So i count it as being a student of economics in past that the value of producer counts at producer end and user end which makes supplies and demands. where there is great difference between the producer price and consumer price on which he makes consumer end. So who is earning a lot of profit ? who is releasable for there high prices of food. Where people are selling the kids against food to criminals even sitting in madrasa or in luxury office wearing smart pant coat tie.
End consumer is a place where you get real data base of supply. Why a huge difference of price between a producer and end user. End user makes the demand and producer grows it cording to his demand.. Our end user gets 1 roti in 5 rupees and or producer sold it on 850 rs/40kg who is earning  more then100 times profit.
Both are poor producer and consumer who is earning ? Poor consumer si a end user and the grower is a real producer.
You can make 500 chapati contains weight less then 100grm from 40 kg wheat so lets multiply 5*500= 2500Rs so who is earning more the 100 time profit on the name of trading and processing. Should we call them criminal or the one who's promoting them them our banking sector. Making dirty a noble profession the who takes care of your financials. So some where crime by using Financial sciences.
We all are responsible why people selling there selves against food. We are responsible of there extremist mind. 
we always hope for a batter Future.