Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Are We Responsable Of All Kind of Discremination's

Yes we are , I;m, You are we all are Responsible of all Kind of Discrimination's even on the name of Religion, Regional or economic meter's of society we as being a part of a society are Responsible as a criminal who don't speaks right at that time and moment when the crime is going trough in front of and he should shout that is a crime going to be happening I tried to stop it but I can't they are now addicted of Discrimination from the last couple of centuries.
I question you may I represent your believe or your personal family life as an Lover ?
We made Religious actors in last century which  become the society Representative on Religious population Facts and probabilities by internal migration on the name of religion or sect on pay role so the corruption of you and my starts at a Charity level are we responsible if we are than you and me are criminals ? at every end of greed ?
I and my sons Plan to attend  Christmas Ceremony in my nearest House nearest Cher To do it piratically that If my Cristian community has Threats I and my sons are with them. I left religious origanisational Politics in 2010 orally by word's that I will not become a part of that kind of activity by which at the end it become cause of division in society and Practically in Feb 2011 by taking a stand by my own Licenced gun with three Bullets that my original Identity is my real Identity so I got back to my roots at the age of 35 to my Tribe people A Jatoi Baluch Tribe Sattaled at Moza MADDUKI ZILA JANG NA 89 Jhang now I'm Thirty seven years old man. . I left Extremist Thoughts After @SalmanTaseer.
I gave my Card to my Guard that go and give it to the Father of Multan Cant Church and wrote it with my own hands That I wished to attend the Christmas Ceremony when the Prays starts I want to attend that Ceremony with my family ( Whife and Childern ) tham t to tell tham and teach my Childern that we all are one we sh to respect their event and should celebrate with them without any kind of wrong though of discrimination But I failed Black Boots stooped my Guard that If your Identity is Christian that you can attend this ceremony otherwise NO. what The hell is this ? Is this part of Stupid security that on the name of security you are dividing us with in borders Why I and My family is Paying the tax from last 60 years to remain the Honest citizen of the society where I gave Tax for my welfare not for My guns on My Head. Do Black Boots have an answer instead of killing all with guns even their own Citizen Like in Iran In past By Pasdaran e Inqalab (Agents of West Negative Thoughts) now have their own school of thought in Arab by Itlat Iran they killed their own 1 million people by an unknown designer who sponsored in during Inqalab No body talk "s about it why ? Secondly now we have seen a live examples in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan etc
Should we say Black Boots ka hum pa aik ahsan karo ka hum pa koi ashan a na karo a beautifuly words roled by @Salman Khan ? My son is a great fan of him this morning he was asking me about his auto graph I promised him let me first go to India than I will took you there we have a same kind of Haritage.
Theses Traders of Armies equipment and oil is investing like medicine companies are investing on doctors Luxury life they made tham agent of Death who slowly kills people by medicine a powder Bullet Like the Black Oil market kings are making extremist so sell their product and by product even in shape Terrorism Based on action and reaction. why Do I have a Right to say whyof  as a part of Global society ? To make a Demand and Supply of equipment which destroys and Divide Human Societies . They are also criminal of internal migration.
Mahatma Ghandhi and Quid e Azam was so Liberal from where the Extremist came and Hijacked a Nobel cause of rights of people ?
How he or she Hy jacked the society ?
How They made the Borders on the name of Religion ?
Why the Trade of Food was stooped By borders on the name of Religion By religious actor Director and Producer ?
Who Hijacked to Nobel Cause of equal rights on both sides by holding their Independent Identity as the Quaid e Azam promised with Khan of Kalat why Black boots brooked that promise why black boots inside border Like I have siad in my some article why our Guns on Our heads ?
How and when They Hijacked ?
Now who is Holding this cause a Identity on the name of sect which destroyed whole Arab ?
Are we following them ?
If west is honest Why don't it Stop East Banking Sector to stop investing on Traders their fast trading become the cause of Rescission ?
Is Wall Street a Fraud committed by High officials ?
Why does the LIBOR scandal exists ?
Why The Iranian Trader Black Oil Many was Transacted By RBS, BARLAYS and HASB from 2006 to 2012 for terrorism where was the real Banker and Soldier ?
Why not on borders for peace and Green ?
Why don't they plant Trees instead of firing bullets on their own people even on their own people in Baluchistan ?
Why I was Stopped to attend the Christmas Ceremony as a Holder of Green Card a citizen of the same state ?
 After this kind of freedom of expression there is no need of guns.
Than where is freedom of expression is it been rolled by Black boots with Tato of to Kill ?
Why not Tato on the Tree for green and peaceful border ?
Why not a green border where we all together plant a Tree where our childern will make Tatoes on Trees and will Plant Green to save Green ?
Kind Regard's with Apollogy that I don't Know how to write your expression where lier Rules
Muhammad Abbas Khan Jatoi,
Moaza MADDUKI Zila Jhang NA 89 Jhang

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