Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1st Jan 2013

  • ‎1st Jan 2013 :) Start it with smiles try to find out your errors of al 2012 make an self analiysis rather it takes 9 months correct them and again aplly them without the errors of 2012 you will achive your goals of 2013 in 3 months other wise you have to browse your life. My achivement of 2012 was Multan Industries Cold Storage & Moza Pindi Mudduki Zila Jhang Back to my roots with a cultivation Honour of cultivating sowing of seed on three beding of compost with natural Fetiilizer By saving Green Waste and Nature. As a Baluch Tribe Head Muhammad Abbas Khan Jatoi I have achived the trust of my people that I had Invited Mothrama Mariam Nawaz Sharif for NA89 Jhang Punjab Pakistan If She id not intrested then we will request to Mothrama @Fiza Gilani Daughter of Our Honourable former Prime Minester Of Pakistan Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani to Contest election from NA89 Pro sect or anty Sect all are equal both belong to creminal School of Thought even Pasdaran e Inqalab Iran ot Pantagon USA. So save us from this school of thought in Moza Pindi Mudduki Zila Jhang. We are Libral people Just Cameleons and Brave Wariers Save us from sectarion Violance or Division both are equal Crimes . Happy new Let's Start from a new positive thought by planting a plant even in your Kitchen on 12 inchies soil beding even in a 12 to 24 inches woden waste Box in your gurdan , Roof or balcany It will Grow with Your Thoughts make them Positive and alive. I really lost my Red rose In MaissonetteMaisonette Lahore in LinkedIn all my Global conections are My families. I'm Really Great Ful Indian Business Comunity who Wormly welcomed me and gave so much love

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