Friday, 4 May 2012

Save Green to Grow Organic Green

You can save the future of your upcoming generation by saving green, By growing green organics, By saving water, By cleaning water, By recycling waste water, By saving and storing Sunlight,  By saving soil with organic cultivation, By saving green waste, By quitting use of plastic bags which made us poor, By quitting chemical application, By producing pure organic food with full nutrition’s, By quitting unnecessary use of fuel based polluted machines,  By quitting the use of those machines for which we are dependent on others fuel, By saving our heritage, By saving our traditional values, By adopting traditional farming with modernization, By adopting clean alternate energy, By planting trees, By producing hygienic food valued by its nutrition, By quitting synthetic food, By quitting high bread crops, By quitting use of charcoal roads within the cultivation area, By quitting fast cultivation with machines which heats the soil and affects the seed,  By quitting  of those profession which are against your gens which you inherited genetically, By quitting use of those things which are destroying nature,  By quitting destruction of humanity, By treating plants like a human, By quitting use of weapons which are polluting our environment,
I have faced dramatic changes and diversion from the day I born till the moment im writing this article, I belong to a Jatoi Baluch tribe, A Camel Man. I have faced many diversions of life like one has to face the facts. I belong to a Cold storage Industry from the last 17 years started at the age of 19. There was a time in my life when I use to talk about these things which I’m writing and doing now when I use to talk about these things with my tribe and the people around me use to laugh at me. I’m thankful to Indian market who put my dreams and thoughts on a path where they are near to become true.
If you are a good human never sell your negative thoughts. It’s better to share your knowledge with people that debate of sharing knowledge and your positive thoughts polish your thoughts and increase your knowledge
My most positive thought is “I dream it will all become Green, Clean and Peaceful”
Destroying a tree is equal to the destruction of humanity. When you cut a tree you block the breath of 10 people, when you plant a tree you give breath to 10 people which is better than any charity.  So maybe in these 10 people you have your family members, maybe your Mother, maybe your son, maybe your daughter or may be your true LOVE. Plant tree for your family or adopt it like as a part of charity.
Few months back I had a dream that if I get a writing power I will convey people whatever I have learned in my life. I tried it and my dream became true.
Work to make your dreams one can make it if one make them his cause, As I believe make your profession your passion you can get whatever you dreamed. Hurdles of life give you courage to make your dreams true, courage comes after your failure, and these are not basically your failure , failures are lessons keep them in mind as a lesson towards success, failure makes the person perfect and gives a clear path towards success and you learn more in life.
I request all policy makers of the world to stop investing in the weapons of human even on the name of energy. Pollution is also a weapon of human destruction, we should work to increase the growth of green instead of investing on the destruction   of green it is equivalent to the destruction of humanity.
We should learn lesson from the recession of West and its depth crises which they are facing. I always say capitalization is not only a fraud its real definition is that they have looted their own people.
I’m not a scientist but I strongly believe that when we use to cultivate our lands with pair of Bulls the hooves of bull and its waste make our land more fertile. Our lands are hard they need slow cultivation like the speed of pair of bulls ( Dandan de gokein ). Our greed by the use of a fast cultivating machine whose tires and fast cultivation with heated iron blades destroyed our land. We never think what kind of negative affect it will bring to our earth its smoke is destroying our lands.
I have a very strong belief that all humans have two mothers  one who gives birth to a baby who produce food to feed people. That’s why we call ourselves son of a soil. If I’m son of soil that means that the soil which grows food for me is my mother.  Would you like to destroy your mother? Its ans is No. Mother named soil gives birth to a plant. Treat plant like a baby of your mother treat it like to you treat with human baby. If human needs clean air plant also needs it. If human needs clean water plant also requires clean water. Plant intakes water like we need water to live. So would you like to take dirty water to drink? Save your mother from poison like urea and pesticide.
I have few questions for you
Would you let your mother to drink dirty water?
Would you like to spray poison on your mother?
Would you like to let your mother walk with naked foots on charcoal road in a hot weather?
Would you like to crush your mother with heated tires of a machine?
Would you like to let your mother sit in front of a heater in hot weather?
Would you to like to cut your mother’s body with hot and fast mechanized blades?
It’s just like that you are cutting you mother’s body with red hot blades powered by pollution generating machine which don’t let your mother to inhale clean air.
So if you don’t then why you treat like this with your mother who also owns you like your own mother. The plant growing on land is just like your brother. Would you like to compromise on the quantity instead of quality for your brother?
Highbred is just like that you are asking your mother to pick a heavy thing more than her capacity to pick or lift. If you like these things for your own mother why you chose it for mother who also owns you and feeds you in shape of food like your mother feeds you with her milk.
If your human mother can’t forgive you on this kind of attitude how can the mother which owns you can forgive you on this kind of attitude.
Would you like that your human mother suffer from a skin disease if not then why for the mother who owns you and grows food for you to live a healthy life. Mother who gives you birth and feeds you to live deserves an equal respect otherwise both will not forgive you. So please don’t insult your mother with your own hands and thoughts. There is no difference the one who gives birth to a human baby and the one who give birth to a plant. Both needs to drink clean water, both need to inhale clean and fresh air.
If we are son of soil then why we are destroying it with our own hands?
I’m writing this article when on TV there is a movie coming “Jodha Akbar” such a beautiful time when Hind was rich of everything. Gora came here in 19th century for looting us cause we were the richest subcontinent of the World. That Greedy Gora came and destroyed us by giving us trend of a machine which was made by them and fueled by Arab ( Machine bhi aun ki tail bhi aun ka ghareb hum ho gia plastic aur scrape kharid kharid ka ). They destroyed our economy by making extremist and destroying our land with the pollution generating machine. There was a time when all live together without the discrimination of their personal believes,  that bull cultivation gave us enough food to live and sell to other continents.
High bread is a same kind of a crime as the capitalization is proved an fraud or theft which you do with your own people. They played with the demand and supply role as a crime by using economic sciences.
When we had organic food to eat we get our full nutrition with one chapaty of organic wheat that was enough for one time meal, now we take more than four chapaty of high bread wheat but didn’t get the required nutrition equal to one chapaty of organic wheat. High Bread will be soon prove as a crime like capitalization has been proved you increase the demand by decreasing its nutrition like they did in capitalization by using the fake probabilities here they used stats as a crime. Gora came to divide us and make us poor he did it. But the same thing is now happening with them. How can you trade on future assumptions nobody knows that what will happen after 10 years like all are facing challenges of climate changes.
They had been committed a crime by dividing us they braked our food supply chain and they gave us a gift to invest on deprecation based economy instead of appreciation like we use to invest on land and live stock in past. They broke it and addicted us of a deprecation based machine which is powered by a polluted fuel.
Our lands and soil is hard it requires slow cultivation like in past we use to cultivate land with a pair of bulls same like this our lands requires a slow irrigation system like we had the pair of bull to generate water for irrigation. The water distribution system in past was slow and soil observes the water slowly which was good for its fertility as it is harder than the west.  Our land formation is different than the West there lands observe water fast as per its formation but our land formation requires slow cultivation and irrigation cause it observes water slowly.
When we cultivate our land with fast, polluted fuel based machine our soil get heated which affects the soil and seed that affect transfers to the crop from plant and it ends with a low nutrition crop which made our bodies weak same affect is on land. Our lands are getting weaker cause of these applications.
If you consider pair of bull as a machine it is that kind of machine whose fuel is available on our lands and with the passage of time its value appreciates in form of a live stock. If you go for an analysis of bull traditional cultivation and polluted, depreciation based machine see the cost difference. If we make model of 1 hector land the pair of bull cultivates it in almost 150 minutes and the fuel cost us 23.50 Rs. On the other hand if we cultivate it with this deprecation based machine powered by a polluted fuel cultivates it in almost 60 minutes and its polluted fuel cost is more than 300 Rs. Look at the cost difference and our dependency of fuel and machine which deprecation based if this machine works three times faster than our traditional machine its running cost is making us poor and destroying our lands. So we should modernize the tools which are required for traditional cultivation to make our traditional bull machine performance better then it was in Stone Age.
I always say that our region was rich in Stone Age because we were investing on appreciation. This modern mechanization made our region poor and took that clean and fresh air to breath for which our body resistance power is getting weaker and our more than 20% home economics budget is fixed for allopathic medicine and these depreciation and polluted based machines are making us poor by increasing cost.
These plastic bags are increasing post harvest loses and pollution. Just collect the data and compare when we were using a cotton or light fabric made bag for the carriage of vegetable we had not as much loses as we have now. When the air crosses from that cotton bag in which we use to carry perishable food items that food stuff shelf life automatically increases and save it to over ripe. Now when you carry perishable food stuff in a plastic bag it’s just like that you have covered some human face in a plastic bag. The environment inside this plastic bag generates ethylene gas and blokes the breath of a vegetable. It over rips it before time the cotton bag let the air crosses from the product and increase its shelf life like an human if he takes breath in an open air or its breath blokes if you cover his face with a plastic bag. The vegetable dies in a plastic bag like a human dies if you cover his face with a plastic bag. So please don’t kill plants with your own hands by the use of plastic bag. I will call it that we are killing our self with our own hands. It is destroying everything our environment, our lands, our soil, our plants and increasing post harvest loses. I always use to say being a part of this industry from the last 17 years that the treatment which you give to plant or crop after picking or harvesting is just like the first aid treatment which you gives to a human after cutting his body part from his body. Whenever you harvest a plant or crop you must give it a treatment that it should not die or lose its nutrition till it reaches to the end user who eats it to fulfill the nutrition of its body. We are killing vegetable like we are killing humans with the use of plastic bags. Save green after cutting it from its roots take care of it like a mother take cares of his baby or when a baby born and came out of his mother’s body and you treat that baby in a nursery of a hospital . Same kind of treatment vegetable requires till it reaches to the end user or consumer. If you waste its nutrition or blocking its breath by caring it in a plastic bag its equal to committing a crime like you injures someone or kill someone.
Are we criminal of our soil?
Lets plants take a breath don’t kill them like you are killing human on the name of different things. Give them a life they ll give you a healthy life in return. Quit using plastic bags for the future of your upcoming generation otherwise they ll not forgive you.
Save water, save waste water and even vapors’ of water if you don’t save it the upcoming generations will not forgive you. The people who are wasting water are not less than a criminal. So save water for your bright greens future.
Save green waste if you save it your fertilizer cost will decrease and it will fertile your soil from which we ll get healthy crop full of nutrition.
Can we stop increasing the demand of this polluted fuel which taking us towards poverty Save it till the time we convert ourselves to biofuel and alternate clean energy.
Sunlight is a blessing for us it’s a natural dehydrator and a clean source of energy. Why don’t we save as a energy?
It’s a very critical time where we have to face so many changes at a same time, a climate change, conversion of crops, Change in a sea level and lot of other things. We all have to think together.
Somewhere these changes have positive affects and somewhere it has negative affects like the duration of winter season has expanded in our region, It has positive effect on the health of a wheat grain.
So I’m trying to end this article with a dream which I want to make it true that we people of subcontinent can get together and work together to make it green, clean and peaceful.
Thumbs up for Indian Cold storage Industry, Biotech and Agriculture sector specially in the field of organics.
If we worked together my dreams and thoughts will become yours and we ll make them true together.
Watch your thoughts for they become words, Watch your words for they become action, Watch your action for they become habit, watch your habit for they become your characters, watch your character for they become you destiny .  (Iron lady’s father words)
Muhammad Abbas Khan

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