Sunday, 20 May 2012

Should I Be Ashamed

If it is true then I'm ashamed of being a supporter of this kind of democracy which smells like a dictatorship who are trying to snatch a freedom of expression by blocking twitter. Still I think it's an rumor. World is going towards freedom of expression and our democratic Government who gave its leaders life for the sake of democracy are going to snatch the freedom to speech. If it is becomes true then they should not only be ashamed in front of the grave of Banazir Bhutto but also in front of the next coming generation. Why it smells like that they have been hijacked by some kind of extremist and dictator mind set. Are they inspired by Iranian Inqalabi mindset or it seems there new affair with them who are ruling on the name of religion and guns. I as a Citizen of Democratic Pakistan strongly condemns this kind of shameful act if it will be applied by PTA in Pakistan, If they are afraid of Baluchies tweets then they are wrong they ll make them more frustrated by doing this kind of criminal act how can you take someone's right to speak for there rights in 21st century. On the other hand our Government and establishment claims that we are fighting against terror to save us from the stone age and on the other hand they are trying to stitch the lips. If this will happened then im ashamed of this kind of democracy. I request to PPP Government don't let the people to write your name in the dark part of history otherwise the coming generation will not forgive you and us

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