Sunday, 11 August 2013

Shadows Of Past

My Shadorws of Past are Horibale to think 22 years lived as an extremist and then changed myself towards Libralisam at the age of 35 in 2011 Started speaking against extremist and against the division of people on the name of Relgion or sect, Like speaked against Pasdaran e Inqalab Iran That are civil dectators and Librate Iranian People from these civil dectataors and agent’s of west,
We People of East has some other kind of a enviorment where peoples minds are hyjacked by some religous actors and this is an other kind of a Kidnaping where you see a man or women without locks but there thoughts have been used for extremisam so no name of this crime where you work for dividing and colonizing people on the name of sects means you want to kill people in more quantity at a low cost :)
Syria was made trget by Iran in the war of hizbullah where they tried to made it an start of sectarian diffances by running a suplly line of war in that time wepons were been theft intantially to be distributed for future as NATO Suplly line did in Pakistan by distributing 3900 containers , Same practice was adopted by Iranian Itlat in Syria and distroyed it on the old formula of action and reaction of trerriorisam where other got a chance to enter who is responsaible of these innocent killing all ………
This dirty Thing entered in Pakistan on the name of Pro Iran and Anti Iran Pro, Arab Anti Arab, Pakistan Peoples Party lost election because of anti shia votes what ever they say reason is , Arabs had Old relation with us
We respect Arabs more then Iranian They don’t represent Iran its a group of creminals just  who are rulling on the name (SECT) of personal Belive means sect how one can represent  other’s belive , They are King of Black Oil Market
We people of East has an Libral haritage where alll religions live together without any kind of Discremination 80 years back we were fine what Happened now ?
Asia is our home East is our Love and Arab is our Destiny of love most of Arab origion are sattled in east (Subcontinent) came from Arab In Hamayuns war when he came back after 10 years from
Iran with Shah Iran forces which were mostly Arabs,
So Long live East we got an blessing of humit envioment in a climeat change to grow more on our soil, Its a blessing and revival of 200 years Back East enviorment, Which will make our soil creazy to be growed with complete nuitrations, In shape food 
We Baluchies are Pure Arab , Iranian Mix Breed Our Parental Grand Father was Arab so we own that orgion which was our Grand Fathers But we will speak to Librate Iran from these Sectarian Creminals 46000 km Baluch Area and people are in Iran without the basic human Rights specially the people of Seastan Iran Baluchies has no rights there they still figting for their rights, worrior has no sect he is Just an Warior even on Horse or on Camel God Bless you all 


  1. Congratulations for shunning violent means.Violence create more violence.I can just point a finger towards Egypt today.Although it is easier said than done;but the long lasting settlement of any dispute is arrived at only across the table through negotiations.
    This world is a very dangerous place with each powerful identity is using the weapons tat are at their disposal.West uses arms & ammunitions,Arabs their oil and religious leaders their fundamentalism and blind faith of the masses as opium.Poor man is used as a fodder& food is exchanged for death.God is one and we are His sons.Then????????

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