Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pride of Democracy India election 2014

World's ever biggest democratic election is India election 2014 where things have been change so much and they can't be without positive thoughts of long term goals for next generation of Subcontinent or Asia Don't  ever take me out of it my home ,
Inspired by Respected Modi that to achieve stretch goal he left his wife in 2 rooms house and left the whole family to work for his party, It's a Passion which took him to lead a world biggest democracy.
I welcome him by heart
Politics is same but the people thoughts have been so much change some where on negative side with discrimination some where in positive like election of India 2014 a year of change where the extremist of past are talking  equal rights without any kind of a discrimination great change
If would been had any kind of authority I would suggest that Indian Government should invite all leaders of subcontinent or Asia on the oath cermanoy of New Prime Minister of India leader of a biggest democracy of the world I'm proud as a part of subcontinent west is almost in miletry command that's why they are busy in wars we should get together if US and Iran can,
They don't have consumer we have a blessing of 3 billion consumer within Asia, Without vision of future politics and Business is impossible. Both have strong connection with a hub of economy without hubs chains are possible to run with sustainability we all can together break the Poverty by saving Green and growing green , Enough land in subcontinent to feed our and others children where food will be the biggest problem for west due to climate changes and East is going to be blessed by 200 back humid environment by which we can grow ant thing by increasing or decrasing it and it's temprature,
World coming Rich countries will also be blessed if they accepted this blessing
Now no one can rule Individually where freedom of expression entered into roots snatch it. we are almost 1.5 billion people living here on the lines of border if plant 1 tree a year after three years we will have enough wood to burn by which we can get rid gases 50% domestic.
We should live as one family of Asia same haritage why the diffrences of lines between comunaties interaction gain the economic condition, Our biggest sector of rural economy and economical activeties are same why not Hug to India ?
Hug You all India 

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