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Extremist Every Where

  • This all happened to me on my one beautiful morning of Sunday having a cup of Coffee and RJ cigar. A couple of months back or a year back a page on facebook named Mission Pakistan was liked by me by getting the inspiration from @Maria.B coz she also liked that page I thought she owns this page so i liked it. i also become a part of E mission Pakistan. One night In lahore  i saw her interview on some TV channel i saw her passion about Pakistan and like representing the youth of pakistan.  so all that  become enough reason to follow her . That was the time wen i was going trought the most worst time of my life. when i was fighting against my own system of sectarian extremism in the love of my identity of Pakistan and my Baluch Kabila. So when I saw Iranian shia i left all that means getting fredom from extremisam so in past i wz part of it. so I wz fighting with my own system by getting the inspiration from @SalmanTaseer. In shot that wz the time when i left extremism and adopted liberalism by the inspiration of @SalmanTaseer and lot of other things. At the same time i was also working on a project of corporate farming 4 the en betterment of  economic condetions of  my Jatoi kabila lives in Jhang. so im still honest to my passion and profession so its almost a year go im still on my project got myself  Diabetic and alser without takeing care of anything. So in love of Baluchki .Pakistan and my profession im continuously working from the last 12 months without having any kind of rest or break. 1 fine morning a person challenges my patriotism. I got hurt more then any thing. I left my friend my sect my family my every thing for my country and some one who representing here in saudi or iranian or any other who has a power to buy challanges my nationality and identity. He questioned me that am I a loyal Pakistani ?
    A Question by Present Extremist 

    Mr.Mabbas Khan I would like to humbly request you to unlike this page not because of your argument in fact for your use of foul language for people who are sacrificing for this country. I am willing to debate with you only on the condition that you shall do it objectively proving everything with facts. You will not be allowed to use slang,slurs and any disgusting language at all. You have the right to respond, which could most propbably your final comment on this page. We don't need you to lecture us on who is patriotic and we cannot believe in your opinionated and fact-less interpretations and understandings for religious leaders of Pakistan. We believe you are nothing but highly influenced by the propaganda against people who have served this country on fronts that you cannot imagine. You are unaware of the Soviet War and the implications it had on Pakistan. You have no idea how the resistance started and at what stage did US poured weapons. You don't seem to have any basic religious knowledge that can open the gates of enlightment for you on the issue of defense and sacrifice. You have given a wrong example of Imam Hussain. Never in history of Islam we have seen muslims tolerating Invasions from kuffar and occupations. Will you allow any US, Indian, Israeli soldier to rape a women of your family ? would you allow Indian government to decide and make rules for you ? would you let Isareli tanks bulldoze your house ? will you allow your brother and father to be killed in front of your eyes by American marines, and what if they urinate on their dead bodies ? Will you tolerate ? you tolerate this all only because it happens with Kashmiri people, or Afghans ? You should be ashamed of your filthy conscience and hatred against those people who follow Islam ? Let me ask you, could you please provide evidence of your definitions of Maulvis from Quran and Sunnah ? Could you please find me when did Prophet or his companions used the word "Maulvi". Don't you have any shame to consider people with beards as some lessers then you ? Why do you have to call a maulvi for namaz-e-janaza and ghusl when someone dies in your family ? There are many things I can teach you, which might force you to shave your mustaches even. Therefore I request you to seize from using dirty language, or get the hell out of here.. Thanks :)
    A Replly By an X ashamed Extremist
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  • Mabbas Khan V nice to see ur tolrance. anywz i dont get into a debate like u want. I ll replly ur comment and then dislike this page and sorry if someone got hurt by my language im sorry. I aslo dont wantt be a part of this kind of mission Pakistan. so i ll replly ur comments in a while wait 4 them.
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  • Mabbas Khan So...1st i ll start where you ended. Im jatoi Baluch and u cant ever think or dream to shave my mustaches or bared. as far as myself is concern i wz beingn part of relgious politics more then 22 yrs and my age is now 36. I left that relgious politics a yearback that i don wantt to be part of a group who divides societies and creat hate against each other on the name of sect or not in faver of division in humanity on the name of religion and sect. so plz dont try to teach me islam i know batter then you and ur respectable religious politions called Molvi promoting extremism which become a cause of distruction of humanity. No Prophet and his companions never used the name of Molvi so at that there was not such kind of creacteror actor in society.
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  • Mabbas Khan ISLAM. Islam came to civilize the society so u can defend urself and fight with kufar is specific Circumstance where it is needed. i think if you have enough knowledge of Islam u ll be also knowing a word Hikmat of islam or stategy which is the most important thing in islam called war strategy also. which wz adopted by Prophet and Imaman in war zone what was that try to study in history u ll get batter argument. So see this kind of Strategy by Imam Hussain in makkah when he wz there for haj and left that place for the blood shed of commen people who were there for haj and gave his family, friends and his own life in Karbala it was a part of a satagey hikmat, tolrance, and also saved the distruction of human lives. so try to study that war stategy just from Makkah to Karbala adopted by Imam e Hussain a.s
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  • Mabbas Khan so the third thing i made a coffee for myself and a cigar fpr u also cheers. its very 1st time in my life that somebody asked me get out from a place which i owns. i also need a reply 4m u that on which basic moral values running a page of mission pakistan talks about jahad and jahadi people well knowing that v suferd 4m both. cause makes it in shape of diffrent jahads means makes an unnatural cause to give people moral to fight on there weakness of there religion in this region coz of love wth religion given by awliah allah or sofias so in diffrent shapes in subcontinent. u know what happend wth bosnian muslims after doing all this in afaghan war on the name of islam. the role of muslim in afghan war become the cause of blood shed of bosnian muslims u know batter r v the murderer of them ? if v didnt played our american role in this region on the name islam they were not being killed on the name of islam. at that time wen the russian war was started there were war lords been made in afghanistan and they were already there at the time of shah. there wz nothing on the name of relgion. It wz a regional war tried to make it a world war. it wz just to show power of a super power to the world in this region and had some sort of a indiian intrest also . so u forget with time intrest changes its a natural thing 1 cant deny it that Russia  wants to having a ccess of power in this region or incresing its captured area like afghanistan at that time. well as now amircan and iran r doing the same thing like whatever happening in arab states. so in any shape against russia or against talban all are same anthere own intrest in them so had nothing to do it must focusing our economy or future at that we dont have to shar in that war all says trade of wepons at that time. making a war lards in shape of sardars or making a taliban or sectarion groups both all are same acts like some reson to ask people to figiht knowing about the nature of these areas tribes. and american wants to indirectly sell wepons to iran on iraq war they are good business people both hv money of oil they earned from it trough this molvi regim of shia or some one we Pakistani genrals and mlvies of that time like being a part of a society offered there servivces to american that help us in kashmir war and we will help you in human traficing in shape of jahadi is this thing against any morel value that u ll start selling religion and human lives wheather in afghanistan, iran or in russia. where were there human rughts at that time these people should be hanged on the name of human traficingfor other region intrest. so iran being a part of it get into and start buying people and american wepons from pakistani gerals and molvies so there saudi as part of arab regiem a strong economic power aslo get into it coz of agmi of iran means arab agem war. so its my basic right being a citizen of pakistan having a green id card my owned by my forefathers. accepted by themselves without enforcing anyone to accepted pakistan. it was there personal decission other wise we have a right being an indepandaint identity of baluch tribe in punjab. then we all know how much our country suffered from all that happened in afghan war. what we get just cia. itlat. made molvies and genrals nothing else. Now there new form is playing all this kind of role same as happened in past in Baluchistan my heart my land. dont forget genrals or some one else  having this kind of creater will always be called creacter like yazid. So My pakistan hv got nothing except few rich genrals and molive coz of human and arm traficing. Now Bangladesh and sirilanka has much batter economic conditions then pakistan. so asking me to get out from a page made for the mission pakistan who you are to take over my fredom of expresion how is it posible change the name of page give it name like promotion of jahad which destroyed us and our economy. so war against russia or against terrior to get into this region just wantt make resion to have direct access of this area against iran . Im the person Name Sardar Muhammad Abbas Khan Jatoi represting my tribe in pakistan left this page who leftt his sect and religion for being a honest with my mother pakistan when i saw iranian shia involvolment iin Baluchistan my blood my Mther My forfathers grave how can u do ASK ME TO LEAVE IT. u dont hv enough Moral logic and values to prove that i should leave no if this page name is mission Pakistan being a responsaible citizen i cant leave my pakistan in ur hands so the people who represent others interest on the name of money and selling there persnal faith against money im sorry i cant respect them. the one who sold my nationality how can i respect him witout informing me. i dont hv any fear of gun or gun shot nor need this kind of money earned by selling my brothers life so how can i keep my self quite. how you takled about my family baluch sarder representing baluch kabila lives in jhang punjab pakistan and son of a x army officer who always tought me for loyal to ur country. so my sweet heart being part of this dirty religious politics in past im ashamed of my self so how can i respect these kind of people u r asking me to if u respect them its ur personal decision u cant force me to change my view to cant take my basic right to live in this world and speak about wrong when see with eyes so how can you think that you desides that im a muslim or not who you are to ask my faith bad its my peronal and u cant take fredom to speak where i will always say loudly bad thing bad and good thing good. I know these faces batter then any agency of pakistan or international then you may be more then CIA or itlat of iran. So plz dont challenge my patriotism. My forgathers owned this land by giving blood v always fight for our land which always say my mother who gives me food to eat and live till now even wth each other but when somebody comes from outside to capture our land we all fight togather. i know creacter of hamid gul, Molvi sami ul haq or any one else i hv just 1 question would u do like to ans. Can u do politics of someones personal believe faith or something like simmiler to this can morally as muslim u do this is it posible to know someone very deep inside. Having some diffrent kind of of schoold of thought is not a bad thing in.islam dont permit. every person have a right and is resposable for his own faith, acts and belive in real life this is called ur religion. some one can do politics on it is it a shameful thing in a society to live. can vrepresent someones persnal faith ? so 1 st its against the natural process. so cheers Romioyjiolet cigar
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  • Mabbas Khan I know how to defend my land. V being in law of the satae still live with guns paying the taxes know how to fight but dont wantt fight for others intest. Right now our own land Pakistan wants our energy to work hard and honestly 4 my pakistan . so i as a Pakistani live here he have to go or live like pakistani otherwise leave pakistan. we are tring to come out of all these two fake wars or fake cause made by zia or mush on da name of islam or america. So i represent pakistan and I dont like those people who represent others having a natiionality of pakistan.
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