Sunday, 29 January 2012

Who"s Chor Are We All ?

PCG anoucies price 2700/40kg to ginner the farmer who grows 40 kg cotton get max 2400 and min 1300 by the trader who trades a cotton to ginning factories for processing of cotton seed. so in shot from 40 kg cotton u can make 80 meters pure cotton. so v asume the processing cost is half of its cost its maximum ok add it. if u can add it so total cost of per meter is 50.63 ruppes in including processing cost v included all kind of brokrage and logestic cost. so would u think or even imagine to buy a pure cotton in market less then 500 on the name any pure cotton u even cant imagine this price so who is earning 500% min profit.=processer and trader. so there some sort of a corruption at a root level. As far as desighner is concers he or she sells there art so there is no value made to buy art so... they desrve so when on a root level there is a kind of a corruption of a banking sector who is promoting traders our new paint court tie wali new genration . then what do expect from other people when the whole system is corrupt where do u find a honest businessman who values his constumer time changed values changed buy it where ever u wantt buy. can v be part of a corrupt society expect something good from someone where every thing is for sale then obviously if trader and processor get500% perofit desighner desrves 1000% profit. so v r producing corrupt by calling then honerable made by money a system made by capitilisation which we agree was it self a frod y people are on wlastreet row. Wrong faniancing is cause of these high prices so lot of thing to be changed of mush lime like its taking still zias time v r facing once v hv to sit with a corrupt to servive in the society geting same king of respect as honest and dishonest what do u expect anything from any one its not posible. in society how can we balame any one else being part of a society but Maria.B rates are good. Her art more beautiful then any thing 1 cant thing it o buy at any coz desighn ki kimat desiner ki. so the magen between a rooot level farmer and end user is more than 2000% margine made fake corrupt rich with the help of capitilization so its decline start hope for good comming future things will be batter infuture. always hope for good

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