Thursday, 26 January 2012

Time changed Values changed need Change

so....there was a time in Past when there was no accountability for a income tax officer. He seems like a king of some empire last day i was reading master file of my firms income tax returns so while studding them i gott know after studying those documents of 80s that tax payer have to tell each and every detail of income and expanse in a documented proves and a written reply. Now a time starts where everybody needs change in system where nobody including tax department, Bank and any other department is accountable. they dont bothers that from where its coming either by honesty or dishonesty. Banks just needs transaction wheather it more then the revenue of business which you owns or not. They dont bother so here we expect lot from system knowing that its Corrupt. So somewhere someone is corrupt in shape of dishonesty and some is crrupt in acting a role of a Regligious Guide ha ha ha some times a smiles come s on my face by thinking about this creacter. which ownself has no creacter made to earn by acting and selling religion and some where a smart boy in a good dress of paint tie coat represnting some telcome sector or banking sector they dont know about a responsibility of there profession. The 1 which is acting like a banker is basically acting like a banker he dont know nothing about banking. so some where we find another young or old actor who is crroupt in love he is called lover but don't know about love just acting like a lover so what do you expect from this kind of society. so felt good by writing something here last day i wz just happy that i made this Blog today im happy that i have tried something to write dont know how to write but i wrote by getting inspiration from my Tweety friend @patleykamar my sobcontinent buety in red jeans. Subcontinant is calling you back in dopate and chonri pajama where you was just made for home nor for going to passport office again and again kanch ki chorian and kajal is waiting for you in subcontinent forget india pakistan no borders between societies after twitter and facebook. in this kind of eviorment where one have east access of comunication without borders. Like my brothers Baluchi Baluch are fighting war of there nation sitting in swisserland luxerious place and on other hand there tribes are selling there bodies to iranians and others.

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