Thursday, 23 February 2012

Felt Sorry and sad on Vaultan fling club pvt plane crash

When you feel sad it means you really feel to sorry. Please don't say sorry if you don't feel its. Its part of our generation responsibility as a people who are going to take over charge from the people of history our last generation we must be very responsible.
In 2011 i was fighting against my own system for which im ashamed of wasting my 22 years in the division of people on the name of scat. I was living in kind of a bunker named apartment on 4th floor in Gulbarg III. That was a very tough time for me now it seem that at that time i was in war zone of my life protecting myself from my system some times it harms you when you go against it. I have to chose one thing from two. Either i adopt extremism from which i taught i belong to or become Pakistani. A new patriot was taking birth inside me when i saw extremist working against my Origin and country. So a baluch living in Pakistan took birth in 2011 and won from chor of my country.
 I use to see these voltan fling club small planes in air they use to fly Pakistani flag in air. I made it a part of my inspiration or imagination to make myself more strong. I use to think that they are flying  and indicating my that i as a Pakistani citizen will serve out of these Iranian interest agents working against my Pakistan and Baluchistan. In shot l got survived in that war of my patriotism. Those were very tiring days when ever i saw those small plains in air i use to fly my two fingers in air as a sighn of victory. I use to feel that they are also celebrating my patriotism that i have adopted. It was my internal feeling that these are some females celebrating it cause our women are very brave and playing a very important role bravely in this kind of society. After passing trough a very difficult decisions when i saw them in air with Pakistani flag it feel so Good when they crosses up from the air of my apartment with Pakistani flag in the Air. So Inshallah it will be in the Air with pride soon.
Last day when I saw a news of that plane crash i felt sad. Hats of for Pilot Anita may God bless her soul being a proud lady Representing our Brave working females who do there jobs honestly.
So work for your country and die for your country and national identity. Don't migrate your self from your roots other wise extremist will kid nape you on the name of Religion. These are in tribute to Pilot Atika

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