Thursday, 23 February 2012

Black sheeps of service Industry

Service Industry is basically a very honorable profession but black sheep's have made it corrupt. Basic definition of service industry is that you give your technical services based on HR or machine against service charges whatever those services deserve. Its up to you that you take money or reward against your services given to a consumer or in shape of any thing. So the person belonging to a  this kind of very honest and most responsible profession  should be honest where one trust you to take care to of his commodity or process and takes service charges or processing charges against it. Check the level of trust in this Business one trust..Money handling is also a part of a service Industry which Includes Banking sector also..
So what happened with us in the market of service industry Theifes get inside this industry even in the shape of trader or Broker who trades others products. When i start it from my land i have to  face him from root to end. On all stages of business between the real producer and end user we have to face this mafia as a part of a corrupt system.
 lets take in example of Agri Business where there is no accountability between the producer and end user.
A farmer gets value of 40 kg wheat around 850RS/40 kg. He grows it with his full efforts and gets just 850Rs reward of his services given to his own land by cultivating wheat on it and he cares his crop like a mothers cares his new born baby. Where the name of mother and child come it deserves respect and honestly. He gets a reward in shape of just 850rs/40kg. When he goes to sell it in market he first meets an trader called wapari or arthi or broker ( agent of processing unit ) these terms are used in our market. He trades wheat and gets his brokerage from both means service charges of fulfilling his demands by supplies. This is a basic formula of economics on which every sector of business is based. That agent get that wheat from a farmer then he sells it to a processor where he process it to makes its by products like floor. That processor takes abnormal processing cost on the name of processing he trades with the crop of a wheat there he uses a Broker.
So i count it as being a student of economics in past that the value of producer counts at producer end and user end which makes supplies and demands. where there is great difference between the producer price and consumer price on which he makes consumer end. So who is earning a lot of profit ? who is releasable for there high prices of food. Where people are selling the kids against food to criminals even sitting in madrasa or in luxury office wearing smart pant coat tie.
End consumer is a place where you get real data base of supply. Why a huge difference of price between a producer and end user. End user makes the demand and producer grows it cording to his demand.. Our end user gets 1 roti in 5 rupees and or producer sold it on 850 rs/40kg who is earning  more then100 times profit.
Both are poor producer and consumer who is earning ? Poor consumer si a end user and the grower is a real producer.
You can make 500 chapati contains weight less then 100grm from 40 kg wheat so lets multiply 5*500= 2500Rs so who is earning more the 100 time profit on the name of trading and processing. Should we call them criminal or the one who's promoting them them our banking sector. Making dirty a noble profession the who takes care of your financials. So some where crime by using Financial sciences.
We all are responsible why people selling there selves against food. We are responsible of there extremist mind. 
we always hope for a batter Future.

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