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Do we have a right to Question ?

I was in search of a real data base of baluch community last day i have read an artical written by some respectable Brigadier Asif Haroon raja. Its web address is http://pakpotpourri2.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/seething-lava-of-balochistan/#comment-13499
Please read this artical. I have gained an  near to exact data base of Baluch population in this region. It was such an helpful thing for me. .
 I almost agree with this data base. There are 30 million baluch tribes dispersed in this region. Acording to him 8 million in Punjab, 6 million in sindh, 7 million in Baluchistan,  and other dispersed in sistan Iran on 64000 area and Afghanistan.
 Means the population of Baluchistan in Baluchistan is 7 million out of 30 million in this region. The baluchies in Baluchistan represent not more than one fouth of baluch population which exist in this region. They are  7 million in Baluchistan few of them have divided on the name of religion. In near future you ll se sectarianism in Baluchistan. I think it has been started by killing hazaras on the name of sect for which i left Iranian shia school of thought. when I got to know that this all is a conspiracy against Pakistan I left it easily or with so many difficulties my God and me knows batter. where they promoted sectarianism in the Provence where already problems cause of some nationalist.

I questioned few this with this respectable Barig Sb. Im pasting it below by ending that the problem lies in max 3.5 million Baluchies out of 30 million almost 10% OF TOTAL BALUCH POPULATION has problem in Baluchistan.
I have lost my last comment which i did with him last day after reading this artical so lets make it more clear what i understands is Brig sb says. The whole night i cant slept by a question DO we have a right to question as a Baluch citizen of Pakistan living here as a tax payer from the last more then 4 centuries ?.Why on the name of NATO supplies American distributed weapons why 3900 containers of arms were unloaded here illegally ?
We Eats our self grown food which we grow on our land which was concurred by our elders not rewarded and by modernizing it we are back to our roots working with our tribes in land as upcoming young Khan of our areas by heading them and takeover from last generation in there lives. We took over it as a responsibility on our shoulder of our tribes to lead them. In shot we are facing thana culture in shape of criminal cases to stop the breakage of family Traditions means Baluchki tradition. Which we still adopt transferred by our last generation by making it more stronger. Our elders ordered us to go and represent them they are in problem.I myself left and get back to my roots by ending self migration of my father. I think they need me so I had decided to give my services to my origin from which i belong instead of giving services to a fake cause based on division of people. I decided to serve for your people and i shifted my project from Multan to Jhang  to solve the financial problems of my tribe. lets make there lands more batter to produce more food.
I shifted my self from a luxury life to a taough village life Iam living with them without electricity and gas. Im living in my own lands with my own tribes. We are satellited with our independent national identity.. My father always introduces him self that i belong to a criminal tribe sateled in Jhang. I braked the words migration and decided to get back to my roots with the  17 years experience of service industry and 22 years experience of religious politics which i left for my baluch tribe when I saw the dirty face iranian inqalabies real faces they are the only nation who killed there own people on the name of inqalab. Now im a pure jatoi baluch finished the word of migration being in my fathers life for my groming.
Now i sleep on floor to smell my land in candle a light I call it ma mother. I have strong believe that you have two ma  one who gives you birth and other which gives you food to eat or from which you belong. We are khana badosh by origion but we are loyal where we live. We are satled from khoshab to sagodah and knjwani  faislabad as jatoi baluch one family.
We as a baluch tribe has right to question as we have also given life of our tribe men being serving in pakistan army we had 2  shead last year.  
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Do we Question another thing sir with all your respect as an senior responsible citizen X army officer can we question to our intelligence agencies that how it come so easy for some baluch sardars access to other embassy. Do ambesies including Pakistan have there intelligence officers and military Hitachi is in all amenities to take care of all things going inside embassy. Where they not preforming there duties for which they are payed by 80% of our tax money which we pay as a citizen of Pakistan that our agencies will protect us. so where were they were they not doing there Duties. I saw with my own generals enjoying life with business community. Which are financed abnormally just as an informer of communities. Can we question this to you sir ?
Last day I have question this to brigadier and my baluch brother in baluchistan Laghar sb in Baluchistan. Why khans and where converted in to nawab , Sardars. why they were rewarded by Britishers are representing  were they representing 30 million baluchies ? Do they have a right to represent us 23 million ? They  are not representing 8 million baluchies in punjab may be they have contacts with  baluchies in sindh but we dont have. Our forefather tried to find a konba we lost in Baluchistan but failed
I did question to my brother Laghari why sub cast of baluch tribes are representing Baluchistan. Rind, Hoat, Lashari, Korie and Jatoies son jatan are the main cast of  30 million baluchies even what ever financial position they are living all over by growing there wheat and being as expert of live stock still living a good normal life.
We all dispersed first when Banu aumia tried to finish us as brave worrier tribe tribe and secondely they dispersed when Mir jalal khan send his son with Hamyun to help sone of detail im giving below ( Lagta ha Mughlon na wafa nehi ki )
First & second time
Hazrat Amir Hamza Uncle of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa ( PBUM ). He got married with the daughter of Nawsherwan, Monarch of Iran, Pari Rukh. Present Baluch are descendents of Hazrat Amir Hamza and Pari Rukh.
In Northern Iraq, A Tribe by the name of Baloos was living which, due to the atrocities committed by Banu Ummayyah  got migrated and dispersed to the different parts of the World e.g Turkistan, Iran and Russia. The “baloos” was distorted and now it is known as “Baluch”. Murree, Maingal, Bugti , Jam are offshoots of Baluch tribe who are still present in northern Baluchistan.
Hazrat Amir Hamza had four sons Parizad, Sheriar and Rustam who took birth in Iran and got settled in Iran but his fourth son Amara took birth in Arab. He had a son Ahmed, who was fond of camels was given title of “Bullo” meaning simple or shepherd of camels.
When Hajaj Bin Yousaf decided to attack Hind, Ahmed was given a responsibility to carry the Supplies ( Food supply chain or war logistics )  for war on camels via land rout trough Iran. On reaching Iran he was awarded the title of Khan. From there on Ahmed Khan Bullo was called Ahmed Khan Baluch descendents of Hazrat Amir Hamza.
second time is given below where the real dispermant accors in kabial by breaking social contacts by gora influnce in this Region after hamayun what happened with this tribe.
King Hamayun after defeat took asylum in Iran in 1536. When he returned to Hind after 10 years Five Baluch accompanied him for help, by the name of Ghazi Khan, Ismail Khan, Darya Khan, Dadan Khan and Mir Jalal Khan accompanied by Muhammad Khan Jatoi, Johet Khan korie and Ibrahim Khan Lashari. While Chakar Khan Rind S/O Mir Jalal Khan and Noota Khan Hote were remained settled in Kalat.
Mir Jalal Khan
Chakar Khan Rind
Nota Khan Hote
Ibrahim Khan Lashari
Johet Khan Korie
Muhammad Khan Jatoi
So its big question mark still i have that what happened After Mir Mandu khan
Muhammad Khan Jatoi
Sher Khan
Shadnan Khan
Sharif Khan
Muhammad khan
Asmil Khan
Chand Khan
Malik Bajar Khan

Mir Mando Khan

 Why ahmed Khan took asylan at qatal pur hwn there was Baluch ampire existed in Baluchistan ?
what happened i dont know Much, We as Jatoi baluch are part of this region living in this society with an independent identity in punjab by facing criminal cases to don't let our tradition finish. let them grow more.
 May I as a question to my Young smart Baluch Sarders why westernization inside ur boundaries ?
Now i have few question for my honorable Brig sb who blamed Baluch community that the Enemies got access to Baluch young sardars by Iraqi embassy why do we pay tax for military Hitachi in all embassies ?
where was ISI and MI when this all was happening?
Were they busy in Islambad dance parties when mush made it his empire sponsored by American ?
who was on borders to protect us as Pakistani for which we pay them from our 85% of tax money ?
Do we give this money to kill our blood in Baluchistan ?
These are not enough moral grounds to kill baluchies. Why Pakistan army interferes in political matters like the agreement between khan of qalat and Quaid e azam ?
Why army is breaking promise of Quaid e azam ?
Where were the law enforcement agencies at that time when they were planing and setting training camps in Baluchistan ?
I need answers of these question from organization which is made to protect us who is responsible for Baluchies target killing in Baluchistan ?
We as a 8 million Baluchies in punjab have a right to know why all this happened who is responsable ?
Our representative shafqat Baluch MNA will talk soon on this issue we need an ans
Muhammad Abbas Khan 

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