Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Promote agriculture

To save yourself from resat ion in Europe and America there economy decline has been started they need food to eat we have enough land to be cultivate in Pakistan. so distribute that land according to the origin old hirarki of tribes based on population of that origin. which are basically based on an village industry. Its a good thing for us agriculture we ll grow it and send it to by maintaining cold chains. Trade within continent for food then make its cost low. In future logistic cost will count a lot in business save your money.
Resection is like a vinous save your continent by Trading with in continent for the growth of Asia my Quaids dream. Start work now its our turn to show what we do for our nation and national identity work for your nation die for for your national identity to get rid of fakes. I request to my age fallows who's responsibilities are increased now they have to take care of there tribes based on national identity.Its part of reality and history which is been written without ravi.
its part of responsibility and human nature that we all going to take over the charge from the last generation. fakes has destroyed us by internal migration. which is now started in china they are going to suffer from it future. They are trying to stop migration within borders.
Stop migrating people within borders other wise you will start killing of people of different origin and religion. here criminals are using a law of migration on the name of religion. They have hope that the person belonging to that origin or religion will help you to earn more then they had in there village. So a printed paper migrated us on the name of religion which made the natural hirarki system disturbed. Fakes took birth. They will kill you on different issues.We have an example like in Europe there governments loated them on the name of capitalization.
We strongly condemn this proxy war starting in Baluchistan of arbi and ajmi ( Iran & Iraq ) by promoting sectarianism.
Today some body asked  me why you support Asia bibi. We all belonging to any religion or origin are basically holders of human bodies where all have same reactions in body it part of human nature you cant go against it ur body and body chemistry proves it in books. There are few reaction in body which affect i would love to give an example of body chemistry as we all know. when you stop your self to react on some sensitive issue some criminals uses this science as a crime by talking against the most loving thing in universe for them has an easy access to get in.
So enemies uses it by promoting heat between you to divide and get week that they should capture you or take over you. As i say extremist every where dividing origin on the name of region . I batter suggest my Pakistanis to go back to your roots and work there for your actual national identity. Make it green and feel free to walk there in red jeans.

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