Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sellers of Thoughts & Words Became Kidnapers of Mind

Lets start from school of thought difference of thoughts doesn't matter its an basic right of all humans. But when someone starts buying and selling thoughts and words it means you have sold your school of thought.
 The region from which we belong is now a days a world trade center of buying Schools of thought like people use to buy shares in stock exchange. Capitalization has made things fake. You can buy anything with a bundle of printed paper named money based of fake economy. So you can buy religion, education or human mind with these papers for the destruction of humanity by the use of different sciences. Its a very common trade in our region. Buyer is the one who made capitalization or copied it like few years back Iranians made real copy of dollars.
How it starts is very important. When Britisher came in our region he introduced a foreign currency made by paper they stated buying different school of thoughts against gold pounds which are now converted into printed paper. before that we were the most strongest economic region in the whole world coz we trade food against Gold or any metal which had some kind of worth. They destroyed us on the name of selling and buying by worthless printed paper based on wrong data base of fake probability.
Its a very common trend in our society to copy those who are growing and starts adopting short cuts to achieve there targets based on capital. Its called a race of becoming rich in society worst then the race of camels that has some roles.
Lets start it what happened and whats happening now. you ll find different school of thoughts in different societies based on religion and origin commonly in our region. I use to say in my language  " Jo 1 bar bikta ha wo bar bar biqta ha ". All those hv there own community centers with different names now headed by criminals of social sciences who use psychology as a weapon to kidnap minds of the peoples belonging to that school of thought.
Trade of this crime starts when people use to start hiring heads of these school of thought or in charge of community center on the name of guide to centralize it there different people of different societies get into this business. To play with some ones faith or believe is one of the easiest game in the world for trade like PSP. Then the people started migrating them selves on the name of these school of thoughts to live together. So here the trade of human trafficking started by hidden buyers and sellers.
Peoples left there origin and region on the name of religion and made it a very successful and profitable business for rich countries to sell weapons and human lives for there interest even in shape of power game or trade of weapons. Mean while the copiers get into this business who want to grow artificially like highbreed of gora. By growing highbreed you increase the demand of a consumer coz of low nutrition a joke with all.
There is a criminal who is selling his  criminal thought and words armed with social sciences against printed paper and destroying us all sons of adem on the name of religion and origin. which they have changed by the formula of dividing them. He kidnaps young minds for his interest when he approaches him for guidance. Its very easy for him to utilize his young energy in his and his lords interest. So here a extremist start grooming by a silent kidnapping of a hidden criminal in shape of your school of thought Guide.
So i have a question from my society why you give respect to these kind of people and why you don't give respect to the one who is just selling his body against her needs ?
 If you give respect to these kind of people who sell there thoughts. words or others faith I think a prostitute deserve  more respect then him.


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