Thursday, 2 February 2012

We just need an ans ...Who ever u r

We must strongly condeium our sisters daughter murder in karachi our blood we own it. all daughters of Gul rukh our grandmother. Even what ever is for or y our daughter and sister must not  suffer or targeted inside baluchistan or out side baluchistan even by arm forces or some enemy he must know that v sons of hamza are all togather on the name of protecting our sisters and daughters. you must know  we as a jatoi kabila sataled in punjab pakistan  on river sides know how to protect daughters of Gul rukh our grand mother. U must protest on it this time of social networking when there no borders between the societies living here or there. V r alive to protect our daughters. So even arm forces or pakistan gov or intelligence agencies who so ever must know that we punjabi bauch living behind the rivers of punjab and sindh are still alive with blessing label from ur comunity creminal people. so we criminal people are still alive and living with guns paying taxes of the state and calling ourselfs in society introduction by ur society creminal people by ur respectable chor society of pakistan. we are alive and have enoujh guns to protect our daughters and sisters. So u must  batter know who ever you don't see or think about in future we will not forgive you on this act. Those people must be showed to the society who ever are responsblile of this moral less criminal act by targeting femaile in dis kind of society where we are living on the name of fredon then are we lieing to myself. we are 4 million in pujab and and sindh know u need water and food infuture to run this state. u need water in future and on the borders of water and food dont forget we have enoujh capicity in pujab to stop it u already gave me a name of crime so dont inforce to do crime. we know who much u give us being a pakistani so...we ll not forgive you on this you you have ans who did it . so why only nawab bugti family is being targeted we need an ans
Sardar Muhammad Abbas Khan jatoi,
Satled with my tribe near jhang so i Represent them

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