Tuesday, 21 February 2012

International War Creminals of Human Right destroyed Seria

America and Iran must be convicted as International war criminals of breaking human Rights in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria etc in shape of hidden proxy war on the name of religion. Our subcontinent is traditionally more Liberal then any thing but these two criminals have destroyed the whole world. we also suffered from it in past and still with a school of though from which he belongs to destroy humanity in shape of dividing it with relgious school of thoughts
So now I think my Syrian brothers Got to know after all this which is happening there. This is what they did with Imam e Hussain a.s. we as a civil society of Pakistan strongly condemns the international involvement in Syria.
Dear Brothers and Sisters of Syria,
we are very sorry as being a past part of a Arab community called Baluch living in Punjab and as a part of that origion i owns is from sistan Iran to UP India.  Pakistan Afghanistan and Iran so after 1857 Britisher started loathing us on the name of making us civilization member of a society he gifted us our destruction in shape of pant coat by changing our national dress and dislocating us by the breakage of subcontinent. Then they started selling wepon to us to us just to distroy our selves then the great players of Islam gets in and they started dividing us in diffrent religious school of thoughts now they are planing to make our Baluchistan there new war zone. So the vicyum which is disturbing you and us is same Its batter to mantion and share few experionses which he had in past may be they ll save you.
I always use to say  one made a machine other supplied a fuel made our self poor using someones machine with depration on the trade of apresation products like food why buy it with fake economy made by capitilizaton based on fake data base has loated us they used states probebelities as a crime by make a fake economy of the region. So oil owns by Arabs and Machines owns by Gora what we are geting against fake economy where a paer makes a value on future forcast of probebilities based on wrong data based loated us.
 By the base of this thing made these Gora and Arabs an now Ajmies ( Iran) become hidden super powers all ways in search of proxy war zone why dont they destroy there own land we can also question this thing to iranian civil society who are against these inqalabi pasdarans they say they are not geting there rights to live a normal life. S the face of hiden or up coming super powers are some where very dirty by palying a play of human trafiking on the name of religion.
They divided us and and rolled us from there where they live.
We are Bullo tribe belonging to arab so are also victims of this war which have been started in your country and they have started making same kind environment like in our Baluchistan.
Britisher changed our organizational hirarki by making makhdoms , sardars nawabs and dewans from a lower qabials or tribes in shape of rewards of selling there sardars faith. They made there own in this region before going.
So on the other hand and mean while they dislocated us on the name of religion to make fake peoples of that origion
 Then in 80"s a creacter on the name proxy war a intelligent Brain a intellectual criminal Charlie Wilson came and started human trafficking in shape of jehad to cell weapons to Iran against the Iraqi war. They came under the cover and command of our honorable Genral zia ul haq made an agreement with him and he sold us to americans.That decade made some some Rich generals and now in politics
So after Pasdaran e inqalab blood shed on the name of inqalab started making this Region part of a hell on the name of jahad to start proxy war they hired our army to destroy our selves.
Now we facing a production of Rich colonels in Baluchistan after retirement we feel them very Rich no accountability.

So my question is are these super powers criminals if they are then why they are respectable ?
No accountability with in the society coz using state probebility as crimeo of  statistical sciences which makes fake economy by using wrong data is this a crime of a state student who based the probabilities based on wrong data base. They are breaking our basic Role of HR science by changing Hirarki here there using HR as a crime.
 If you calls means your society calls me Criminal being a part of it what should i call you fake people who sold there loyalties.  don't for get what we are doing is becoming a part of history.'
Then another criminal came who loated us on the name of capitalization so again the natural hirarki of societies changed they also generated fake people another crime. People changed there origin by dislocating them on the name of religion we were the richest region of all continents in past if you see in 18s.They made fakes who are not repressing us.
So we are getting aware of these things now. Its batter for our economy to trade with in subcontinent there business is based on fake data base see in wall street are they they have loated there own people on the name of capitalization. they had a fake data base of probabilities by which they loated the people. Can we question this thing to America why people on the wall street Have you loated ur own people ?
And on the other hand can we question it from respectable president of Iran why 2.5 billion dollars froad from bank means with the money of  imam raza foundation money why ?
Can we question this to our honorable president of Afghanistan that why his brother was involve in drug mafia all sealers of lives together.
So we have a baluch president here representing baluch community of sindh Pakistan. We are that he will talk about there rites of people to live its a Basic right of seryion people.We are proud of our democratic Zardari Baluch president. God bless him
Ending my article i would like to share Iron Ladies few words  ( Margarete Thacher )
Watch your words for they become action, watch your action for they become habits, Watch your habit for they become your creacter watch your creacter for that become your destiny .
What we Thing we become,
So hoping for best tomorrow always not to lose hope we all as a
Stop destroying us let it be very clear that if our communication gape being filled what will happen with you so who ever you are don't try to destroy us.
So it was our responsibility citizen of a community of new social society without borders has Borned and can share and awar for what we have faced and still facing.

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