Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Save Energy don't try to produce more from this fuel

Few days back I saw Mariam Nawaz sharif page on a Facebook there was some kind of a add on her page about energy conference. Being a responsible Pakistani college I should suggest her Honestly or Guide her batter. I suggested her to start a door to door campaign to save energy. By this king of first political physical appearance in politics will be a good start for you as a part of our generation who going to take responsibilities in future like.
when I was in 14th year of my educational life as a student i use to say people why we are using two energies. Why we use two fuels that was a time around 1994 coz in 1996 at the age of 19 i Took over my fathers business as a part of a responsibility i get into service Industry. so i serviced now its  been 16 years part of my lifer I always call it my first arange merriage at the age of 19. So being a honest Husband with my first arranged marriage ( where we have defend our elders decission in life its our trdetion hum na nehi bol saqta apna bozagon ko). which was arranged is now expanding Inshahallah into cold chain to save post harvest loses on my own fore fathers land. So in shot it became my profession. Being a honest and responsible professional i did what i can.
Why don't we utilize agri waste ?
 There my father gave me a default unit to Run. I accepted it as a 1st arrange marriage. Like the old feudal minded people do. He use to say go and live on your own and never ask me for help in practical life. He asked me try to  make your own contacts don't bother me for help. Aj bhi yad ha class 8th ma tha jab aun na kaha tha apana ap pa jina sikho mara nam ka fiada na authana. So i did it in last 22 years i never asked my fathers for and never used his name to anyone for any kind of help.
 I always use to say my father has thrown me in a pisi of a sheep coz we use to give them cold chain services to sheep casing companies in market..
So as a honest and responsible professional Businessman I worked honestly and reached to a place where im on my own lands to cultivate and stop post harvest loses. which i was requesting from 2006 to my respectable Punjab gov. I started it by myself as being a honest member of this industry. I requested them to instal processing units on sale points to control  Post harvest loses. I gave them a project to give me chance to instal it i ll try to save within 5 to 10%. These units on sale pionts will help us to save post haveste loses. so its my honesty to my profesiom that i made another project.Im working in field with my tribe men to stop post harvest loses save my project from trader mafia and commissions agents in shape of brokers available in market.
This financial froad designer was Shokat Aziz which is till adopted by our banks. Sardar Akhta mangal said a right thing that there is not much difference between zardari and Mushraf. Mr Shokat aziz a criminal of financial sciences injected faked economy on the bases of fast transactions just to boast it artificially. He made a fake corrupt trader mafia who loated people on the name of processing and services . So he made the service sector corrupt in Pakistan. I'm the victim of these laws. That commission based traders became mafia and they are again promoted by this political Gov which causing of high prices in market. BY which end consumer suffers.
 He made the Banking sector and service industry corrupt by financing them trough banks. He inflated the consumer items in Pakistan market by the name of consumer financing. I always use to say he sold us in the trade of plastic named by consumer financing froad. Why he increased our import bill on the name luxury items who increased the consumption of energy and he made us beggar. Why don't we call him a criminal
May i ask a question to my honorable politicians can we think honestly for sometime for our country why you are again buying is machine to generate energy who's fuel will make us dependent on others ?
Can we sleep in dark for some time to save energy. Would you like to use candle instead of  using electricity. Why should we depend on this arbi and agmi fuel. Why don't we come to focus on agri waste. If i can plane it for my company. Why not Pakistan government has no Idea what to do. Are all those who are guiding politicians on the name of policy making are incompetent or both ?
So i request as a Responsible Pakistani Citizen Save energy, Give gas to industry and enjoy candle lights or moon light in the night to see the beauty of nature. " sarson ka dia our heritage save it like a responsible member of subcontinent society. Make it a habit till  we got converted to alternate fuel. Spend ur evenings with a beautiful Music with R&J cigar, Candle light and coffee try to enjoy ur evening by creating this kind of environment. Hey candles must be made of our local wax. Save energy

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