Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I Have Lost My Red Rose Last Years on velintines Day

I have lost my Red Rose last year from my apartment in Lahore Maisonette Luxury Apartme Lahore ap 29.  does anybody know who stole that Red Rose It seem Like this ?
I was there in Lahore for my corporate farming project it seems like a war zone when i look a year back. corrupt every where. so there on the Roof top on 14th feb 2011 a beautiful evening a waiter gifted me that Rose as a gift of valentines day. I took it from Him and said to a person of my tribe that I will give this flower to one to whom i really love all fakes in past including Cause. So I took it inside my apartment and left it in the draw before leaving for airport when i came back after 3 days that rose was not there in my Draw. Those were basically the days of my conversion from extremist to an librel After knowing  the fact that the fake cause of extremism adopted by me in the past was a part of a proxy war where you fights for others interest. Where is my Pakistan not like Maria.B. I Thaought pakistan is an amanat with me of next generation given by my  last generation how can i sell it to others.I have to transfer that patriotism to my next generation honestly. When i saw it with my eyes all sold everything including Religion. I took a decision to get Back to roots Back to the origion i own  and desided to get back to my tribe where i have graves. After Knowing the fact in cities all are fake . So it was my own decision to lets work for Tribe instead of  working for fakes like religion. When I saw  where everything has been sold by a group of people in there own intrest to others countries like Iran against money I felt myself lost. As you know the conversion time is very difficult  I was so flareup and asking myself what you did in last 22 years so being as a baluch i was so much angry picked  a gun against extremist.
 Conversion times is very difficult like we are facing conversion of super power like after america we will have to maintain 4 affairs irans, China, Turkey and Russia lol as a super power like we had in past. At that tough time when I saw that rose i felt a shine of hope in my life and eyes as well.  So still working with honestly without wasting time. The past was dark coze of extremism so a hope of shine is still in my eyes for a batter future long term relationship with Both the who stolen that rose and for my Pakistan and Baluchki for which i left my Religion. Good hopes for 2012 for the one who stole that rose and for my all Pakistan. Wish you all a happy Valentines day

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