Sunday, 19 February 2012

Talban for Sale Expo 2012 Held in Islambad aranged BY Iran

Last week when I saw Iranian President , Afghan President and our Baluch President of Pakistan sitting together in Islamabad. I smiled and the 1st word came out of my mouth was talban for sale expo 2012 held in Islamabad arranged by Iran. All traders of lives and blood together on the name of Religion black mailing Pakistan on the name of religion, oil and gas. Trading of talban groups now Iran has most of the talban group on there pay role cose they have easy access then gora coz of language.
Then i saw few bills of us gov about Baluchistan in US Parliament. So now x super power and upcoming super power criminals of human trafficking sometimes on the name of faith are trying to make there new war zone in Baluchistan.  why always us to be sold. It seems Iran making a cause to invite america in Baluchistan then he ll inter like charlie wilsion entered in afghan war Iranians are good copier and cheaters they cheating people on the name of sect.
We Punjabi Baluch will not permit any one even Gora, Irani , or any other to enter inside our home land Baluchistan. Why again 1857 is going to be repeated and designed in new shape of Crime. Why not we question this thing to them as a civilized society without borders of Americans  and Iranians is it look nice if we talks about shahs family in Iran. what they did with them all knows and how these inqalabies are in goverment by taking 1million peoples Blood during on the name of Inqalab what about the human Right in Iran. If we talk about Mexicans in America or we talk about iresh to UK ans us. We know how to defend our mothers sisters and children we don't need any help. May we question Iranians why they have killed 100000 Iraqi ?
Stop this crime of Human trafficking some times you call it a crime and some time you accept it by making extremist on the name of Jahad all fake causes.
So I request my Baluchi Brother that we should Honer the promise of Khan of Kalat. We all sons of Pari Rukh all togather on the name of nation a baluch nation starts from sistan Iran to UP India. We are with you call us for help instead of calling gora or another we ll migrate I promise.
Save my Baluchistan from these traders of Blood save my land i don't wantt see another 1947 again I dont wantt see tears in the eyes of daughters of pari rukh for there son to be used for a fake cause. Now its time for pease and work for the betterment of the Baluchi tribe Economic condetion to get more stronger. Dont put people into wars don't enter imported guns inside they ll destroy us on the name of proxy war. I respect the decision of my elders and honors it. Give us our right within Pakistan like quaid promised with Khan of Qalat. Other wise we ll getup for our baluch brothers in Baluchistan.
Abbas Khan

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