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WHY not Freedom & Justice for Asia Bibi

In tribute of Shaed Salman Taseer
WHY not Freedom & Justice for Asia Bibi

First we need to question a few things about ourselves.

Why not freedom and justice for Asia Bibi as a Pakistani citizen?  Does she have a green ID card?  If she is a citizen of Pakistan, why is there no freedom for her in Quaid’s Pakistan?
What is the definition of Quaid’s Pakistan?  If I’m not wrong, he made this
country for the minorities of the Indian subcontinent.  If he made Pakistan for minorities then why Asia Bibi didn’t get freedom or justice, being a member of the Christian minority of Pakistan?  Is this a land of religious extremist?  If it is, then how can we call it Quaid’s Pakistan ?

My life started under an extreme form of the religion and it took 22 years to escape it.  A silent kidnapping, a few actors, a silent crime in which someone kidnaps a kid by giving him strength of cause and then by using a weapon of social sciences making an extremist and a criminal out of him. Sometimes we use social sciences positively and sometimes negatively. He plays a drama written by a good writer, produced by a good director and acted by a good actor called a molvi. He plays with your weaknesses, like religion. He heads a community centre called Madrasa, Mandar, Church, Imambargah or some Jewish prayer centre
Basically a criminal of social sciences is someone who plays with the faith of a society. (So is an Irani Inqalabi criminal part of this silent crime?)  And, am I a criminal or a dishonest Pakistani?  Where are the guides in a society when you need them?  I’m talking about Islam and not comparing it with other communities. Perhaps they are still in their original shape, but all religions have extremists and I’m talking about Islam because I don’t know much about other faiths.

Real community center has been hijacked by an extremist which was in form of Madrasa, Mandar, Chirch, Imambargah or some juesh pray center. Basically a criminal of social sciences is heading  some of  these which plays with the faith of a society. so was part of this silent crime like irani Inqalabi criminal so am I a Criminal or dis honest Pakistani ?
Where you needs a guide in a society ?
 when it is needed where when you need a Guidance very simple nothing more. im just  talking about Islam don’t match it with others community center may be they are still in there original shape, By knowing a fact all religions have extremist but im talking about Islamic community centers named madrasa, Masjid or Imam Bargah coze I don’t know much about others faith and Relgion  so how can I comment on that ?
My all these question are for the society in which I live  cant includes coz Honestly I don’t Know about them coz I don’t live there why should I question them. Are we dishonest ?
So lets start from a birth of a kid. KID gets his basic moral lessons from his home. So the basic Educational institute is Home which heads by a mother and father  in other words Let make it an Organization just for the accountability and analysis that are we honest with our natural Organizational Hirarki. Both Father and mother are managing partners of life 1 manages internal affairs of home ( Home industry )other manages the economy and external affairs of an organization called Home. Which produces our upcoming generation.  What they taught you at home that becomes part of ur cause in life.  So I always say problems starts from the roots and If you want to finish it or change it start it from the Root level.
 The problem starts from your basic educational institute Called Home in which head of that organization named Home made by a contract of two life partners just like a contract of a Pvt Ltd company made to earn money contract. The only difference in both is  that in Pvt limted company contract you count a valuation of  fix or unfix asets and here at Home contract you counts  valuation of two life’s two humans. Its our bad luck that we count and analyze our everything with money so that why I made an easy example for most of the mebers of our society. So 1 contract produces money and other produces new generation.
 After taking birth you become a student of this educational institute and organization  called home automatically even you want or not .You can’t change your origin. Cause its part of nature you can’t change or stop it. Its natural gens interacts Its produces a new Generation which comes from father and grows in the Ma Ki Goad. Gora don’t have words to  translate  this relation It’s a pure beauty of our subcontinent he modernized it but can’t change its role in our society. Home is an industry which produces next generation contracted between two human to live together. They changed our locations migrated us from one region to another by buying heads of these community centers made for welfare of the society Where we live.  so they changed every thing after 1857 but they can’t snatch the beauty of subcontinents original mother. So lets come to the point there are some problems at a root level means in his basic educational institute that why religious criminal are taking birth.
There are 3 factors influencing a person’s practical life:  first, home environment; second, the society into which he is born, and third, where he receives his education to become part of a civil society, i.e. school college, university or some madrasa.  If one of them does not work honestly, the total system of grooming a citizen collapses
So im sorry to all males and females are responsible of this crime. Its basically a crime that you don’t groom a person honestly whose responsibility is given to you to make him a civilized member of a society you fails if he becomes extremist its ur responsibility being part of the organizational head of Home you have to do it honestly.
So I have a question now are we an honest in all these things where upcoming generation grooms ?
In my view may be im wrong. Problems start from the basic Organizational heads Mother and Father. When he or she is greedy they ll produce a greedy member of a society. Where problem starts where insatisfaction  showed by any orgationzitaional heads even by the breakage of the basic contract they did before making this organization named home or  need to gets an acess of everything makes a human greedy. So when one can’t get acess to all those things even in the shape of love according to the contract of two organizational heads as practical life partners. One of them tries to approach the place which is fixed for preaching of God or the head of that community center based on religion  there they meets a organizational head female or male. There they started waiting for mojazat that all will get fine soon and started educating kids to pray like he or she says to whom they follow as Guided by the head of Religious community center.
When the kid approaches this kind of criminal school of thought. He starts following That actor Like Qadries teacher or guide. There he or she attacks by using a weapon of social science or sectary of young boy as a criminal and makes him extremist and force to work for his self-made fake cause. Like these minds Use Qadri to kill @SalmanTaseer my inspiration to how to fight with your system for others Right to live. There a kind of silent kidnapping starts at a roat level to make extremist. And then both organizational heads  been convicted as a dishonest with there organization called Home collapse due to irresponsible act not less then a Crime in not producing a civilized member of the society.
The very important thing which mother gives a child from her education is the basic and first educational institute. When she hates her husband in front of their kids, the hate and revenge
automatically transfers to a kid. A young revengeful boy enters into a world where he gets enough power to utilize anywhere. This makes armies, civil or uniformed. So I always suggest to my female friends: if you don’t like the man who is your life partner, then leave him.  Don’t compromise otherwise you’ll produce extremist.  As Maria.B says: Talak agar itni bore cheez hoti to Quran ma kion hota .  It’s a contract between two humans.  If one does not follow or fulfil that which was promised, then end the contract instead of giving birth to or producing an extremist.

The second factor in grooming a citizen is the society in which he lives. Whether it is based on religion, or not or based on origins can produce an extremist.  Why internal
migration after 1947?  Is this a crime? When one leaves his land of origin, he forgets about its moral values for being a part of a society where is answerable to the people of his origin there he feels a comfortable decision making to migrate that place so the all social societies made
on religion or sect is wrong

There is also the role of a community centre. Where you have recorded a community centre against money means you started selling your sect or religion – and I myself am a criminal for doing this kind of act. As they say, JO eik bar biqta ha wo bar bar biqta ha!  So we are responsible, being part of a society based on religion and which produces more extremists.

Third and most important thing, is your educational institute, your other father and mother, your  teachers whether a molvi, a school teacher, university professor or lecturer.  But if he has been appointed by giving a bribe?  So I say, from 2012 close these kinds of educational organisations whch are producing extremists.  These are institutes whose heads are mostly regacted people from all organisaton thee he gets appointment or appointed by giving there services as Professor or an actor which teaches you fake roles
He has no interest in his profession. Your profession must be your passion. Then you’ll become an honest member of a social society in which you live. So when you sell your knowledge for money it is such a shameful act.  You sell the character of a society if you look deeply and honestly. 

When a kid finishes school, he dreams about his future, of joining an honest profession and there he finds a professor who is dishonest and who doesn’t deserves what he is doing. If his knowledge is so good that he teaches it to others, why does he sell it?  In other words, everything is being sold at a root level.  Close these kinds of educational institutes in south Punjab and Frontier.  They are producing extremists because they have been hijacked by religious organisations. Why doesn’t the army destroy them?  If they don’t destroy them, they’ll destroy us.  Why guns in educational institutes instead of books.

Today one of my twitter friend asked why Iran, so my answer is look at history and see the role of Iranians.  Never mind modernisation, just see how they do this kind of crime on the basis of religion so that now everything thing is being sold to extremists.  How Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Citizen, being a part of a Pakistani minority of this country can get freedom when extremists are everywhere?
So we groomed our children in the after affects of Zia and Ayub, through martial law and through masjid and madrassah by hijacking of a community center by recruiting a religious guide for money.  Jo eik bar biqta ha wo bar bar biqta ha.

Extremists do not belong to any kind of religious school of thought.  They have their own criminal school of thought where they use social sciences as weapon.  It’s just a group of silent criminals who use it to sell others faith and beliefs.

If I’m not wrong, in all religions people are just answerable to the God in which they believe.  If we look deeply and honestly it’s personal.  So how can one anyone ever represent it and
question it?   If you represent it, you are a fake. The best that one can do is just to guide based on his knowledge about the religion.  Nobody knows what is in a person’s heart.  One has freedom of adopting any faith or belief.  It’s his basic right as part of a civilized society. Fake people heading community centres are like actors, directors or producers of a drama which they make to earn money.  They sell their faith and beliefs in these community centres which are made for people to gather to pray, interact and share each others problems and joys.

Can we question another’s faith and belief?  If somebody present this kind of a drama which divides people on the basis of their beliefs, where one brother hates another for his personal beliefs and faith, or which divides a community on the basis of hate is not less than a criminal. Then why are there criminals in every street, sitting inside mosques deciding about others faith?  How can they do this when they only have authority to guide. And if they decide if I am a good Muslim or Christian, then what will God decide on the day of Judgement?

To play with someone’s personal belief is such an easy crime.  But then what do you expect from a person whose training starts by crushing one week chicks with a bare foot.

So, sadly, all males and females are responsible for the crime of extremism.  It’s basically a crime to not properly groom a person whose responsibility is given to you.  It’s your work as being part of society to do it honestly.  So I have a question: are we honest in how we undertake these responsibilities for the next generation?
What do you Accept from a person whose Training starts by crushing 7 days old chick with a naked foot ?
We all pray for the freedom of Asia BiBi. So a country made for minorities name Pakistan there minorities are not getting Justice Is this My Quids Pakistan ? I leave this Question for and thanks to my respectable twitter family member @mrszkhan for helping me to write im still sure I don’t know how write.

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