Friday, 10 February 2012

WHY Our Guns On Our head BY breaking Promise of Quaid a azam In Baluchistan

 I was reading a research article about Baluchistan by some honorable Phd Dr Anayat Baluch PHD from germany we must respect his opinion.e,1231.msg7900.html?PHPSESSID=2af08f6e9e88e731bde79600d40f05ea#msg7900. So i took a result from those fact given by him we are breaking promise of Quaid Azam, as a pakistani. Even in civil dress or in khaki wardi. all are breking comitments made by Quid. so the commitment of Quaid e azam with  khan of kalat was diffrent with whats happening in Baluchistan now. I always use to say our gun on our heads in Baluchistan..
  Quaid e azam promised khan of Kalat. That all minorities will maintain there national identity togather under one fad ration named Pakistan. where all minorities will get equal right including Muslims. Coz at that time the largest minority of 50% muslims of sub continent stand togather to get there Rights made a cause to get independence. so a Quaid representing them made a nation where all  minorities  including diffrent cast religion will get rights without the differentiation anything , Sect or  cast. We all together will maintain there identity under 1 fad ration will be called Pakistan.
so im ashamed of being a past of a system where i was use to introduce myself  by doing this kind of crimenal act in society of Pakistan to not introducing my self as Baluch pakistani. We all togather are breaking  promises of Quaid e azam. Why arm forces of Pakistan are inside Baluchistan. why not on chaman borders. we lost Bangladesh in past doing this kind of act.WH Y army works for others cause. when we look into past our army was always been for sale to fight for others interest like it starts in 1957 till now. How it is not possible that now Iranians are not hiring my forces to fight for there cause against America in Baluchistan. As we all know Iran is upcoming hidden super power of This region they have oil.
Today it is proved by the American congress Discussion shows that Pakistan army is again being sold for Iranian cause. . so this is what i want to say a new war zone Baluchistan of 2 super powers.Why always our land ? Are we not honest with our nationality or national interest as a nation we are always ready to sale it even in past or now in Baluchistan . Was the blood given for for the creation of Pakistan was of such low valued that we are any time ready to fight for anyone.
where is that patriotism gone like in 47 people showed there interest by migrating them selves.
now a new war of sects between tribes will start soon How many time we ll present ourself for sale after 1857 when gora came to buy us and our identity of subcontinent
 so there must be some basic moral values of being nationality holder of Pakistan. we all for get that we are Pakistani. We will be responsible of destroying graves of our forgathers in Future by doing this criminal act.
All we know who is financing most of Taliban groups now IRAN. Iran and Americans coming to destroy our land our graves. The war against tariorisam became and proved war against me. Extremist every where. Buyers of ur faith every where.
 Baluch tribe man in baluchistan had a very clear view first sardar  and then God now what happened ? where are Sardars ? Now you find international buyers of human trafficking in Baluchistan on the name of jehad against humanity. I request all sarders of tribes in Baluchistan came back work for you Tribes and save Baluchistan from these international criminals.
Please wake up Pakistan don't wake up like Maria.B
WHY shiaisam in Baluchistan is being promoted by Promoting dhomki kabila as a new identity of shia kabial by making a dohmki sardar Molvi studied and came back from iran to promote sectarian extremisam in Baluchistan. Are we selling our national interest on the name of religion.Is this kind of criminal act played by irani. Y sectarinisam within baluch tribes. We are just worior not leaders of islam see in history
 on 11th September 1947 there was an agreement between wali e qalat and quaid azam representing gov of pakistan as the part of a guarantee of this agreement. Do we call him Father of our nation. He Promised that within the state you all have a independent identity. without differentiating people with sect or origin all will have equal rights this is what quaid azam promised ?
The army must be back on borders no need of them inside. Baluchistan will have independent identity and atonemy this is what quaid promised. Then y army inside Baluchistan y not on borders.
we are paying them 85%  from our Tax money collected by the peoples of Pakistan for the protection of borders to save our national interest. We wantt know where you are utilizing our money. we have a right to question it from Arm forces why braking quaids promise ? Why you are killing us with our tax money ? should we question this ? being a tax payee of Pakistan i have a right to question this as a Pakistani citizen Do i have ?
so if u are Honest make an anlysis what army gave us against our 85% budget. The reality is army took over  Pakistan in 1948. Crimes did by uniformed leaders of the State
1 Braked the promise of Quaid e azam
2 Destroyed our economy under the command of gen ayub khan. and standing an issue of one unit
3 In 71 we lost Bangladesh
4 Zia started a jahadi war for which we are still suffering in shape of jahad new genration ready to kill ur own self and promoted tarerisam.They promoted trade of weapons between Iran and America on the name kashmir jahad and made few rich journals
5 In musharaf u sold ur countery against fake economy and war against terioraisam became war against me.
6 Now a new adventure in Baluchistan Started by Mush
So still we are not tired of this trade of wepons and Human traficing which was started by charlie wilson in this region now all tring to capture Baluchistan.
I dont wantt to calculate years which we have pased away. Looking for a positive Pakistan
So master of silent crime Iranians are part of  all this there is a richest Pakistani trader on the border of Baluchistan sistan is ready to pay 30 million each for a senate seat. name sistani lives on sistan. So again another upcoming super power is doing this kind of crime to destroy subcontinent a new kind of gora in shape of Irani by Hiring few rich generals of army to destroy Baluchistan. Master of target Killing. They are here in this region on the name of extrmisam and sactarionisam. Extremist wantt expand there empire.. Gave us a title and trying to kill us with our own hands in Baluchistan. Base of extremism in Baluchistan was started by iranians by en powering Hazaras now extremist every. When we see Baluchistan nationalist talking about religious it smells Iranian mind.  Iran is here on the name of religion. who is becoming stronger on the name of religion and now after capturing afghanistan and half of arab on the name of religion. It will destroy all of us with our own guns. Iranians are the only who in force people to do crime without giving money.
this unorganized armed army made by Iranians will be more then an atom bomb. So Iranians are worst enemy then American y dont they fight openly in there own war zones why ours. Y Baluchistan ?. Now talbanisation and sectarianism will be injected by iran by migration of hazaras in queata to make differences on sects. Baluch tradention are very libral about islam they are near to secular . They are just warriors. wantt fight even with other or in between nothing else.
so the breakage of this region on the bases of region is an iranian crime to colapes its economy. They need our copper and will destroy our national identity. If you have started introducing ur self with the sect u belong. Its an Iranian style of crime in this region. we forgotten the value of Adab in Suncontinent. so the power game on the name of origin will be ended by iranian on the name of religion in future
WHY  targeting my blood with my money ? within the state by braking a promise of quaid in pak uniform flaged by pakistan.
 WHY again few powerful generals have sold Baluchistan to a next coming super power.They have marked a new war zone for proxy war with America for the trade of wapons. Is it a good act being part of this society. WHY breakage of promise with wali kalat. WHY they didn't protected our borders that the access of itlat and any agency can easily hire a criminal from Baluchistan
WHY they are not protecting border ?
WHY are they killing us ?
WHY no respect of quaid gave ?
WHY no respect of a gaurantiy given by Quaid to wali e kalat that no involvement of army with in the  Baluch society ?
Baluch society is based on tribal values in Baluchistan. tradetional representation of there tribe in shape of sardar is there they can handle there tribes. Baluchies in Baluchistan are answerable to there sardar witnin there society.
WHY you have started killing my children and women entered in my house by using My tax Money. Y nawab Bugtis Daughters Killers are not been arrested by any law making agency.
WHY  dont we Ques it as a part of society living in Pakistan ?
who is Breaking promise of quaid ?
Do we have any moral answer as society member ?
My one twitter friend asked me ka thora likha karo and my other Teacher teaches me ka dont jump so i should follow there instructions as a ustad of this social networking without borders.
so y not a open interaction within the society without borders. we don't need army inside they should shift there contaminants near borders they have ability to provide all kind of facilities to there family near borders that's y they are called army. Nor you are protecting border nor  me.
how u do this kind of dishonesty as being a part of society ?
i have to do proof reading and make it shot now without jumping
 We don't wantt lose Baluchistan. It  was quaids brain who gave us indepandent identity within the state of Pakistan as Baluchistan ( Place where Bullo lives ). we dont wantt lose the grave of our Fathers Quaid and Wali e Qalat.
 Give indepandant identity to all which they promised.
WHY jahadi still Promoting ?
India and pakistan both know that the interaction with in the society who have same traditional values is batter then having affair with any super power. so we must open interaction to sort out fakes like rich generals.
how by selling us > Y khaki wardi wala braking moral values y v should not speak out. oh ho got busy in office. so all r corrupt. lets start proof reading according to ustad yasmeen.


  1. good but now its too late the baloch nation has crossed point of no return .now or never and our choice is now .so madam yasmeen can block me and cry atoot ang atoot ang but now the man of camel oonthoonoon walee as we are called have left our sassi yasmeen ali we have departed back for kech mukran good bye yasmeen good bye punjapi musalmaan

  2. yasmeen pls dont follow us in our hills or dasht now you pakies cant win us back in any case we can see our munzil laila e aazadi in 2014